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    Has anybody installed iOS 6?

    As the title reads, has anybody installed iOS 6 yet? If so whats have you noticed in the short hours of having it installed? Thanks! @cdelauz
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    Who's on Twitter?

    It be cool to follow members here on Twitter, feel free to follow me. @cdelauz, I will follow back.
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    Otterbox Defender Contest Thread

    Its called kids.....They have alomost broken my phone twice lol...I Love them, but I Also love my phone.. PICK ME
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    Any word on when the patch for the PDF exploit is suppose to come out?
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    iOS 4.3 Discussion Thread

    How long before people start to get un patient and start to ask for jailbreak.....people need to know it takes time do that and should let the Dev's do their job. When its ready its ready. For now enjoy 4.3 and soon enough it will be jailbroken.
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    Add me in Game Center

    Mines is cdelauz, add me!
  7. cdelauz Host Unreachable

    Same here i want to install my3g It lets u use facetime over 3G network
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    Issues being reported with new Jailbreak 2.0

    Can anybody confirm this works?
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    Does it fix the proximity sensor? Apple said it will be fixed with 4.1
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    Official Apple Refund/Bumper Case Giveaway!

    Post pics of it then?
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    Will iMovie work on iPhone 3GS?

    Has anybody tried to buy it from the app store?
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    Jailbrake question That is lurking my mind

    Jailbreak question That is lurking my mind I have an iPhone 3gs, I have had it ever since the first day it came out and was never replaced or exchanged...etc. When 3.1.2 came out I jailbroke with with blackra1n, then 3.1.3 came out and I jailbroke it with Spirit. When IOS4 came out I did a...
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    Will iMovie work on iPhone 3GS?

    Does anybody know if the iMovie app will work for the iPhone 3GS?
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    Where is the Custom Dictionary?

    eninety2, U don't know how to operate your phone, maybe you should donate it it to MiamiBimmer07
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    Win the iPhone 4

    If I win I'm giving my wife the iPhone 4 she really needs a new phone Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app