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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Like I blew my mind. I guess the whole chicken breast thing has me confused.
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Really? I mean, I guess you are some kind of doctor, so I'll have to call you the expert, especially compared to me. I always thought of the breast as being related to the position on the body. In humans, we feed from the breast area, thus breastfeeding. But a cow...that is more like belly...
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    one of my apps drains my battery

    Fat-free video poker does the same thing. Completely drained me a couple of times until I realized what was going on. Make sure you quit all apps before putting to sleep. Also, the low signal thing is a biggie(sp?). I was at a hotel with crappy signal, and battery time SUCKED.
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    check out what i did with my iPhone

    Clearly had nothing to do with an iPhone, but was fun to watch. I'm gonna steal some will crumb music asap.
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    Help, iPhone won't turn on

    did you ever actually slide to shut down, or is it just frozen asleep?
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    News Feeds in 3D view!

    that is a slick-ass ad for a phone app!
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    New CNN mobile site is great

    you can select "quick vote" in the drop down menu at the top. also, this seems to be only for iPhones. if you go to in your regular browser, you get the old mobile site. That is very cool!
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    New CNN mobile site is great

    I cannot figure out how to search for CNN in the forums, so if it has already been mentioned, oh well. I go to CNN every day on my phone and I think I would have noticed this yesterday, but maybe not. In any case the new site can't be more than a couple days old. It now has iPhone friendly...
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    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

    I hope by "away from the toilet" you mean simply stretched out beyond the bowl, and you are not suggesting that we not use the iPhone while using the toilet...because that would be crazy talk! Since I got my iPhone, I don't think I have ever NOT brought it to the toilet.
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    Warning: My Mac Was Attacked!

    Not even remotely a concern with Mark.
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    Warning: My Mac Was Attacked!

    An inordinate obsession with shoes and purses:)
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    Warning: My Mac Was Attacked!

    Luckily, I came up blank with just 79 tracking cookies and no spyware. (on her machine) After speaking with my wife again, it turns out it was iChat launching randomly not aol messenger. Oh well, I feel better for knowing anyway. I would say, that is not bad for a machine running (or at least...
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    Warning: My Mac Was Attacked!

    I actually thought you meant you should stop going to porn know...naked...or at least partially. Lately my wife has been complaining that AOL messenger keeps popping up at random times. I didn't think much of it, but now I am running Macscan on both of our machines. Glad you...
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    Any advice would be cool

    You might want to have someone review your Cost-benefit analysis.
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    Pandora in the car

    Parrot MKI 9200 does it! Streams pandora over the car stereo.