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    Returning my Apple BT

    i took back my jawbone for the same reason you are taking back the Apple. Hope you fair better than i did...
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    Slider on Voice Recorder app

    just tried to install that and it came up with this: "error during install script execution" any thoughts? it would not launch the program. UPDATE: I got it to work..... thanks for the help.
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    Slider on Voice Recorder app

    why is the vnotes not showing up on the Installer program? I finally get it all done right and now it is not there. Anybody have a direct link to VNOTES and not Vrecord. I think i like the setup of vnotes better.
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    NEW iPhone APP: Voice Recorder!

    If I haven't lost you at this point, then you might be a good candidate to try this stuff out... but this information is beyond the scope of this forum. Wow ! thanks for the help there teach.... or maybe i took this to harsh. Nahhhhh! Maybe that is why i don't go to "THAT" forum, i like...
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    NEW iPhone APP: Voice Recorder!

    no just to push it back to the top so others might read it before it gets buried in the rest of the other posts.
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    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    From what very little i Know.... you would be paying for the service that you use on your iPhone via another carrier ie...verizon, you would just not have all function of your phon but still beable to have one to use on there network. I know that there are people who are carring around phones...
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    NEW iPhone APP: Voice Recorder!

    :: Bump ::
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    Anyone else have this problem/light bleed on screen?

    I had that on my first one. Not on this one.
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    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    Is a frogs but water tight? But the way the world works is first come first serve. It is a product that i own and i can and will do what i want with it. This is America. Freedom of choice!
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    Exchangeable iPhone...timeframe?

    I was having simular issues with my first iPhone. They switched it out no prob. they said it was a sim card issue but my believe is that it was not a full activation when i did it on day one. You might try having them activating it in the store with you if you have a laptop that your stuff is...
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    Show off Your Creation on Your Apple iPhone

    That's what i am talking about..... $29.95 to much for what i already have for free.:laugh2:
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    Didn't buy iPhone? Tell here why..

    Man that really sucks, no discount.... what ever to do. I know go and get it anyway. It is a great phone and businesss tool already. I gave up my blackberry and have not looked back since.:smile:
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    Invisible Shield and iPhone

    Also many speak of this "tacky" feel. Mine doesn't feel that way. I think a better description is smooth, but not as smooth as the iPhone glass with a little of your fingerprint oil. If anything, the skin greatly reduces the number of prints on the screen. I would have to agree, i like the...
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    iPhone unlocked for other carriers

    Either way they got it done.:tounge:
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    Poor Reception

    My iPhone worked better inside a Sprint store than there own phones. I love the reception that i get with it. I also live in a "Large" market with a few more towers.:laugh2: