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    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    quick question to those who have installed, can you still sync your phone with iTunes after the installation? i change my songs on my iPhone about once a week and i don't want to lose that function. thanks.
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    How do I create folders in Gmail email on iPhone?

    awesome IMAP on the iPhone rocks! now my phone email and webemail are completely synced. i love this. now if we can just get it to be push like a blackberry...
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    How do I create folders in Gmail email on iPhone?

    you can't do it with gmail and i think anything that is pop. you need imap mail like .mac or i think yahoo. hopefully someday there will be a way to do it, but there is no way to do it now.
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    volume tooo lowww

    speaker the update increased my volume on every function but the phone. my guess is that its ATT or GSM. my verizon blackberry was very loud. you would think there would be an easy fix to this though, if not for the current models, for future models.
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    1.1.1 speakerphone volume

    i feel like my speaker is louder on my ipod and alerts but on the phone its the same, low. i wish we had a more scientific way to see the effects before and after.
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    pretty, pretty good. -larry david
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    stop watch glitch

    timer error i haven't seen the error with the stopwatch but did have a problem with the timer. the timer kept adding 30 seconds to the time i initially chose. for instance if i wanted 30 minutes, i got 30 minutes and 30 seconds. after i picked a new time for a countdown the problem went away...
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    everythingiPhone in the press!

    just to conclude the story as outlined above, my credit card finally posted the $216.50 that Apple refunded me on september 5th. glad to see the site is getting some press.
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    No Google maps on iPod Touch.

    I agree with smartaix. People don't just use google maps while on the road looking for directions. I primarily use google maps for ideas on restarants or other shops while walking around a city like nyc or sf. Yes, google maps is better with edge but also great with just wifi. It will definitely...
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    has anyone else noticed Safari crashing a lot more w/ 1.0.2?

    i feel like mine is crashing more too. its not a ton, but maybe 2-3 times a day rather than 2-3 times a week. i'm sure the bugs will be worked out eventually.
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    everythingiPhone in the press!

    wow, just curious (and you might not want to divulge) but how can you tell its the same guy re-posting? i was wondering what was preventing him from picking a new screen name and to keep going.
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    Thinking of buying iPhone after price drop, but have questions

    search the threads i see that you're a newbie with this being your first post so you might not know how these forums run. simply search the threads first, if you can't find an answer ask it. every question you've asked has its own thread. you'll get a more definitive answer as people are...
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    everythingiPhone in the press!

    definitely best iPhone forum very hard to argue that this isn't the best iPhone forum. i've checked many others out and this is hands down the best. the rearranging of the post yesterday was a little hard to figure out but if you're saavy enough to use the forum, then you would have probably...
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    everythingiPhone in the press!

    still waiting, no credit just to keep the story active, i still have not received a credit from Apple on my credit card. its been 36 hours. i have a paper and electronic receipt. it will be interesting to see if they decide to not credit me. i actually won't be upset though, i think the $100...
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    everythingiPhone in the press!

    ok, so a reporter from houston posted on everythingiPhone today asking for angry Apple fans. since i lived in houston, i emailed with the guy but didn't really want to be on camera (you'll see why in the video). he went out and did a piece about the "iSlap in the face" before Jobs made his...