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    Anyone here ever use flexispy?

    i bet i can find this appl cheap! pm me if interested
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    Free iPhone unlocking software for windows

    try a hard reboot..hold down power and home key for 30 seconds
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    iTunes removal

    do a hard reboot..hold down home key and power key for about 10 seconds and let it reboot and reset..good luck
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    Speed Dial on Dock Not Functioning?

    try a hard reboot to reset the firmware
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    3.1 Beta Bugs

    why screw around with a new beta when the 3.0 is still screwed up? are u JB? unlocked?
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    iPhone not connecting

    what london asked is on track..are u sure your PC is authorized? sounds like you are not looged in..are u using another pc? what has changed?
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    Can someone help me find a VisionClip2 online?

    try this
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    Free iPhone unlocking software for windows

    bengal..what version are you on now? what service you on? why unlock? whats up?
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    iTunes removal

    can u be more specific what the problem is? updated from what to what? trying to achieve what?
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    Thinking of selling

    i will give u a hundred bucks straight up! email or pm me.
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    Mission Repair

    MY neighbor gave me 3g iPhone with a cracked glass..i was going to do this repair myself but screwed it up..Sent it in to MR. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with Mission Repair?
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    Found 3G!

    i will give u a hundred bucks for it! pm me.
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    Missed call or text message notification

    jailbreak it and there are a few apps out there that can do this for you! good luck
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    Found 3G!

    use it or sell it!
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    is there a way to delete "badges(red dot)" on SMS, mail, phone.. etc

    i think he did that to show that it could be done!