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    Lotus Notes coming to the iPhone?

    I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but I can check my work Lotus Notes in Safari. I just asked my IT guys for the web address to check from home. I put that in the address bar, after signing in I click on "use net mail" and it works just fine.
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    Volume fixed!

    I'm trying to be helpful, and make sure everyone is aware. Don't be a dick.
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    Volume fixed!

    This is probably old news, but there is a simple way to fix your volume. By poking holes in the speaker dust cover my volume drasticly improved. In fact I would say its just about perfect. For details and testimonials just search for "iPhone surgery"
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    iPhone had a bad, bad weekend!

    Well, after $30 loaner fee, $249 repair cost, and $599 deposit for the loaner Apple is sending the loaner. They said it would be two businesss days to receive. I was afraid to ask how long the repair will take. By the way, if anyone needs repairs and there is no Apple store near you, you can...
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    iPhone had a bad, bad weekend!

    So the wife and I went on a camping trip this weekend. The first night we realized we had forgot to bring a radio, so we decided to use the iPhone to listen to some music. Later on in the evening the wind shifted, and the campfire smoke was blowing into my face. I jumped up to get outta the...
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    bad battery guage

    I've seen a lot of posts from people asking if their battery is bad, and listing usage and standby. I don't know if this is really helpful or not, but I figured I would list mine since I don't seem to be having battery issues. I just received the 10% battery warning after 4 hours, 47 minutes...
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    I am in a me out

    If you really think your battery is bad why don't you see about getting it fixed (battery swapped) under the warranty. That way you may have have to pay for shipping, but you get your 5 series back. If you do choose to exchange though, there is nothing wrong with the 7 series...its still...
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    How many of you had added ringtones?

    I'm not savvy about these things, but can't you run a pc emulator on mac and use the ringtone maker?
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    How many of you had added ringtones?

    I also used ringtone maker, and had no problems. I did it prior to the update, and all ringtones are still there working just fine.
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    Prompted to update iPhone software, not sure what it fixes

    I'm sure this is probably old news, but I just updated iTunes. When it was complete, I tried to sync. I was prompted to download and install an iPhone software update. Its installing on the phone right now, not sure what bugs it fixes.
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    AIM from the developer of AIM

    I just tried TinnyBuddy and JiveTalk both for the first time. JiveTalk is far better in my opinion. It was easier to change options on, and I could use my AIM and YahooMessanger at the same time.
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    just found a new feature on iPod function

    so are you talking about the same thing it does if you just touch the "i" on the bottom right of the screen while in album art?
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    Removing default ringtones

    How did you like the iPhoneRingToneMaker? Did it work ok?
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    Alarm Clock issue please help

    k, bye now
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    Traveling to Jamaica...what do I do?

    Just a heads up, I know what they say the price of the calls is supposed to be, but I made 20 minutes worth of calls from Jamaica and my bill was $150 more than normal.