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    surfing net, then Safari just closes

    same thing happens to me, how dare you close while im surfing the web in class! anyone know what causes this?
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    windows xp 64 bit and iPhone?

    said screw it and just used my old laptop.
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    Help getting to Restore Mode

    all i did was jailbreak my iPhone and ive tryed like 4 times to get to restore mode with no luck, ive waited 10 mins with my fingers on the 2 buttons. any ideas?
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    windows xp 64 bit and iPhone?

    it no workie. tells me i need to hook the iPhone to a 32bit version of windows or vista. anyideas o how to get it to work?
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    What do you drive or ride?

    i gots me a 05 srt-4 and a 89 ford bronco and my favorite 79 z28 camaro
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    Didn't buy iPhone? Tell here why..

    i haven't got one because its taking forever for paypal to transfer funds to my bank account. i hope thursday ill have one, and a job at att.
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    just placed an order for the 4gb for $299. scared. worth it? help

    If your asking that question you didn't do enough research. so I wouldn't open it till you do a bit more research on the iPhone and if you will like it.
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    AT&T Worst Customer Support EVER! and some questions

    Prada is making an iPhone for Verizon customers. wont be out for a while though.
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    PC Official DVD to iPhone Software Discussion for PC Users

    Ive been ripping dvd's and software disks for personal backup and storage on my server or to use on my laptop when traveling. I personally love using Ultra ISO, its free via download. What it does is rips a complete image of the dvd, meaning full size image (up to 4.8gig) only thing is you need...
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    Question for people who have 2 iPhones in household:

    just make 2 vista user accounts, you don't need passwords apon login or anything. This will make everything a lot easier. Plus you can make you the admin and restrict her use of installation and what not.... or make her an admin aswell. This will make it so your login syncs your iPhone to your...
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    I just bought both, ill keep you all updated on if they come with everything needed. one was 29.99 shipped and the other $9.99 shipped. heh