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    Anyone addicted to TapDefense?

    I love this game. Cannot get past level 30 either. My wife keeps wondering why I play it. I can't even answer that question. Addicting!
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    Question for iPhone earphone modders.

    I was able to take apart my iPhone buds this morning with no problems. I had a pair of Sony's that would not come apart. It had a rubbery covering with metal underneath. Couldn't pry it or pull it apart with needle nose. Basically I did a number on the Sony set. My question is: Does...
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    Apple in-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

    I think I will try this. Does anyone know how to get vModa Vibes apart without breaking them?
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    Satriani v. Coldplay. What do you think?

    Wow, it sounds like they wrote lyrics to go with the Satriani song.
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    V-Moda Problem

    A new set of Vibes run $101 on their website. I'll give a discount from that price.
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    V-Moda Problem

    If anyone wants my vibes new in box send me an email. I enabled my profile to accept emails.
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    V-Moda Problem

    I got off the phone with vModa about an hour ago. I received a pair of vibes for christmas and sent 3 pair back. The last time was about 3 months ago. There is a new design coming out that supposedly fixes the problems of the left side going out. They are going to send me a set of gun metal...