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    Using international SIM Card?

    The "hacking" step is lost on me. Where are there instructions to do this? Is it all available on their website?
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    iTalk or equivalent?

    Excellent! How is the audio quality? What file type?
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    iTalk or equivalent?

    Good idea for random, quick messages you don't want to forget, but I need the capability to output some kind of sound file that I can then download onto a computer (and usually it will end up being a lot of them, yes). ha! Thanks, though!
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    Modding tutorials?

    Seriously how old are you, dude? Thank you to everyone else who has been helpful and isn't adding to the *noise* factor of the internet.
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    Modding tutorials?

    Thank you!
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    iTalk or equivalent?

    THANKS for this! That's what I was looking for. You're helpful unlike some people whom I have encountered. ;)
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    Modding tutorials?

    Wow what is with all the animosity? I've been reading all these threads and looking everything up and it just seems to me there are 50 ways to do the same thing. I want to know what really works, and I want to discuss that. I mean COLLECTING in a Sticky what has been said in a consise...
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    iTalk or equivalent?

    Thank you both of you! I have a problem though. I'm not a computer engineer so I don't know how to hack an iPhone. :-D I posted in the Software section of the forum about tutorials and wishing there was a central place people like me can go to learn how to do it (I'm good at figuring things...
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    Modding tutorials?

    I know there is plenty of information out there about how to mod the iPhone, add apps, etc. And I know I can find it by Googling, and spending hours upon hours. But I'm wondering if we can start a dedicated sticky thread that puts the best of the best of the tutorials (step-by-step for the...
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    iTalk or equivalent?

    Hello, A big huge plus for me would be to have voice memo capabilities on the iPhone. It does not have this yet, does it? Also, would something like iTalk work? I've heard that is a product for iPods, but maybe I have the name wrong. In any case it's a microphone that is added to the iPod...
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    On the fence....push me over

    ... Your father can't pay his bills and yet you have two cars? What is wrong with this picture? *totally gonna get banned for being such a pessimist.. ;) sorry but I can't stand posts like this*
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    Is the iPhone worth the hype?

    It's actually a lot more compact in the ways that matter than it ever looked to me on the commericals, online, in pictures, etc. I think maybe they used small hand models in the commercials? Haha. It was really nicely sized, and extremely thin, when I was playing around with one. Not nearly...
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    Would the Apple store exchange my scratched phone?

    Apple just MIGHT be one of the "good guys".. *gasp* hard to believe! I'm sorry to get involved in this, but you seem to be one of those people who think all corporations are the big bad wolf and are only in existence to gouge everyone. (Why you'd buy their product then, I don't know.) You...
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    Wallstreet Journal Review

    NY *Post* :) NY Times actually has a pretty decent review I read somewhere. ;) (I never trust the NY Post anyway! ;) )
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    MORE APPS MAN...more apps

    How can you guys think ProTools or Reason would work even remotely well on an iPhone? Maybe in 10 years, yes. But what would you do on such programs with a 3.5 inch screen? :-p Even if flash is like 100 gigs and more in 10 years, and the processors are fast enough to handle all this, the...