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  • I lived in Jersey in wife is from there, that's why we go there allot. I worked right next to the university doing man holes on the street....I think I've been to Pattison too, can't remember (sorry about the spelling)
    A little further up north from where I usually go... I'm only familiar with NJ up to Montclair, by the university....haven't been past that yet.
    Where about in jersey you from?
    I've got allot of friends and family in Monroe, and Jamesburg....Im usually there at least twice a year.
    LOL yeah when I first put that sound in there it scared me too and now I think its hilarious so I haven't bothered to convert it to a lower volume haha.
    Its just a game, theres nothing to "do" with it. And that mario audio is played at the beginning of every level. lol
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