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    Congrats on move to XenForo

    Hi Chris, I'd just like to congratulate you on the move to XenForo. From what I can see it is successful. I hope you're looking forward to XenForo 1.1 as I am :)
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    Write for EverythingiCafe

    Sent my application in :)
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    Apple's very first Logo

    Not really, that curve not fully extending to the vertices of the Apple is enough to set me off.
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    What the....mod?

    I know, I just have a special preference for Dave :o
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    I need to see a doctor

    There's a reason why there are so many water sensors and there isn't' a camera on the front... the white stuff we call the oleophobic coating, but is actually something else is the reason.
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    What the....mod?

    psylichon! :)
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    Well i guess thats it

    Oh dear, as a former moderator and now administrator of a forum, all I can say is... one strike, warning, two strike warning, third time out, but above all, repent.
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    I need to see a doctor

    Is the oleophobic coating actually an oleophobic coating, or is it something else? Definitely has a taste to it... It's white colour and stickiness when dry is enough to entice....
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    Tom Tom is here

    AYEEEE is slow :(
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    Write for EverythingiCafe

    Okie, no problem :D I like testing :dft012:wink. Windows Vista Beta, Windows 7 in TAP :)
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    Write for EverythingiCafe

    argh, chris, can I just PM or email you my application? The form is actually dead: {form 2} :(
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    Modula therapy lamp, not just for the whole body.... Bluetooth-enabled Modula therapy lamp changes color via cellphone :p Now, for the pic... WTF is that thing I circled in orange? Yes I can see it's a hand, but still
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    Write for EverythingiCafe

    Chris... error as above? help?
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    EiC Layout

    just my 2C, having a fixed vs fluid layout concentrates the user attn on the text and content on the page. I usually have fixed set up as default on my forums for this very reason.
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    8gb 3GS

    Looks like the page has been changed, here's a screenshot when it was as before: