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    Bricked my 3G

    First - I would expect the App store to warn you if it requires 2.1 and even if it did install, all it would do is crash upon launch. It certainly wouldn't take your whole phone down. :2cool: PS How did we get to talking about jumping out of planes... jailbreak or don't who gives a #%#% ;)
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    Is it just me or the phone? is slow...

    Turn off push to your Contacts (re-sync) and it's almost back to pre-2.0, at least it is for mine.
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    Check this website for better DF status

    try typing in the last three numbers from your receipt. You can then expand your search to see how many are ahead and behind you. I'm #41/42 and about 10 have been shipped. I'm pretty sure the MacRumors thread states that this is ALL orders, not just iPhone orders.
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    How to have update on Installer disappear

    edit and remove the entry in /var/root/Library/Installer/LocalPackages.plist This will make Installer think you do not have OpenSSH install, as such no upgrade
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    Downgraded from unJB'd 113 to 111 and back up but...

    you have to add as an Installer source
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    How to uninstall Installer?

    First I have to ask 'why' do you feel you need to remove Installer app? Regardles, ironically use Installer and install Finder (another invaluable iPhone app) and simply delete this folder: /Applications/ :2cool:
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    How to properly Use iswitch bundle?

    Um, yeah that's why the OEM theme is included in the bundle. Since version 0.80, when iSwitcher loads a theme the first time it make a complete backup of your phone. You can then restore it by selecting the main / home screen in iSwitcher. More Info
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    Oh No.......

    Clearly a deficiency in the first few versions of the app. Since v0.80 when you first load a theme it makes a complete backup of your icons and display order file. Then to restore, you select the main / home screen in iSwitcher. Obviously the program is not for everyone. More Info here, v0.87
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    Help me I'm a new iMac user

    Wait for iFuntastic to release an update. iTunes 7.4 and 7.4.1 broke many of third party iPhone applications.
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    ALL about money for Apple

    Stop crying and wipe your nose What fscking planet are you people living on, seriously? Name one electronic device that hasn't come down in price after a few months - 5 months, 9 months, any amount of time? ... Now let's name a few that have Every iPod ever released Playstation III...
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    movies now show chapters

    I've had chapter controls since version 1.0. It's all in how you prepare your video files. :2cool:
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    ilife 08 and Send to Web Gallery

    Hmmm that unfortunately could be the problem (trial account] :frown:
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    ilife 08 and Send to Web Gallery

    Well that's just weird. I was able to upload a photo (don't worry, it's SFW) through the web browser. Let me check something... Edit: I thought I saw something different on my web gallery but I did not. yours looks the same as mine.
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    ilife 08 and Send to Web Gallery

    1. Have you loaded the iPhoto 7.01 upgrade? 2. Have you restarted your iPhone? Mine works fine after I installed the 7.01 upgrade. What is your gallery address?
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    My iPhone... I use the #11 icon with some shell script to load whatever 'other' app I want. I can switch between the following: 1. VRecorder 2. NES 3. TicTacToe 4. iDecor The Terminal icon is the modmyiPhone logo and is how I run the shell scripts. :cool: