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    Notifications on calendar?

    These are for outlook meeting invites......when someone sends me an outlook invite I get a notification and I get this graphic until I view the invitation. Very similar to SMS notification.
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    experiencing problems of "no service" after jailbreak

    If you are on AT&T you cannot check the activate phone box in the jailbreak tool. AT&T needs to " activate" your phone in order to get service.
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    Dockflow theme rocks!

    What theme is this?
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    Screen Lock / Password

    Some exchange servers force you to set a passcode on your iPhone to protect company info. The same is true for blackberry's on those servers. My exchange account does not require me to do that but it seems like yours does. There isn't a work around for this.
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    iPhone 3G - mic not working!

    This should solve the has worked for me on the V1 iPhone when I had that issue.
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    I used to use the wifi toggle but since it's not working on 2.2 I decides to try SBsettings.......................SB settings is so much better. you have more options and have a half a dozen toggles including wifi by simply swiping the top bar on your iPhone. A MUST HAVE APP!
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    AptBackup Saved Me!

    Didn't work for me either.....I synced the iPhone after I restored though so maybe that's where I messed up. I guess after I restored the backup I should have ran aptbackup before syncing all my music, and other files.
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    WiFi Toggle for JB Ver 2.2

    Waaaaay more helpful than just the wi-fi toggle.....THANKS ALOT!
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    Wi-fi toggle not working in 2.2!

    Ok great.....just wanted to make sure it wasn't just my phone. I actually tried to install and reinstall and now I can't even get it to install. It says the dependencies of the package have not been met. Whatever that that means...LOL!
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    Missing apps (Cydia) 2.2 JB

    I do have big boss preferences installed and it seems to work fine.
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    Wi-fi toggle not working in 2.2!

    My wi-fi connection works fine. What I was referring to was the actual icon toggle button you can add to the springboard for one touch on and off.....that's not working.
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    Missing apps (Cydia) 2.2 JB

    I've seen most of those apps in cydia with 2.2 including poof. That's strange.
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    Wi-fi toggle not working in 2.2!

    Has anyone else noticed that the Wi-fi toggle is not working in 2.2 jailbreak?
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    Jailbreakers and 2.2

    I don't know whether your Gevey sim will still work. As far as building the customized ipsw.....the link I gave you explains how you use the pwnage tool. Once you complete the process with the original ipsw and the pwnage tool it creates a custom ipsw.
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    Jailbreakers and 2.2

    Almost....... You create the custom ipsw with pwnage. Then use that custom one to update via iTunes. The directions will walk you through. DO NOT USE THE IPSW THAT APPLE GIVES YOU! You only want to download that one so that you can have the pwnage tool customize it When asked to update the...