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    Annoying message problem - please help

    I keep getting this pop up message that says "this accessory is not made to work with iPhone. would you like to turn on airplane mode?" i have no idea what accessory it is talking about and why it is doing it. it's extremely annoying and i don't know how to make it stop. it started shortly after...
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    2.0 vs. 3G question

    what all will iPhone 3g have that the 2.0 update will not? thanks
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    Now that you've gone iPhone, could you go back?

    it would be tough to go back but if i had to it would have to be one of these new touch screen devices that just came out
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    Are you excited for Monday? Tell us why.

    if iPhone2 blows 1 out of the water i will buy right away. if not ill probably wait till after the holidays, but am sure i will upgrade by then
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    Purchased a tone with bell next to it, bell doesn't appear in my library?

    i am making a ringtone for the first time. i purchased a song with a bell next to it, but in my library it does not have a bell. why is this and what can i do about it? thanks.
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    song in nano commercial?

    whats the song/artist in the ipod nano commercial? "1,2,3,4 tell me that you love me more. . . ." thanks
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    Ufc 75

    i didn't like him at first, struck me as a ****y prick, but i warmed up to him. he is proving that he has the right to be ****y. but ya he still has a bit of proving to do. speaking of ****y, whats getting up matt hughes' butt lately. he needs a beating to bring him back to earth
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    Ufc 75

    ya i thought the same thing, it was close but hammil should def. have had the decision. i think they will fight again
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    Ufc 75

    ya i've always been a big nightmare fan so that will be an edge of the seat fight for me. i really like jardine and he's on a roll, but i agree with you, i'd like to see liddell back on top. what did you think of the bisping fight?
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    What's Your Conservative Prediction of the V2 of the iPhone?

    please be able to play flash!
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    Ufc 75

    ya i'm def. ordering it. gonna be good to see the nightmare fight again. i'm excited to see forest fight too but i'm not familiar with mauricio rua. liddell/jardine is gonna be INSANE!
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    anyone using the igrip?

    oh thats cool
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    Get ready for Noobs

    not at all, it's everything i knew it was gonna be and more!
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    Get ready for Noobs

    haha ya, i've been on this site since i started saving for the phone.