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    What about Incipio cases?

    Do you have it or did you order too, I just ordered yesterday. I just want something to put the phone in when leaving it places or putting in my truck etc.
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    Phone not backordered on AT&T order status

    Same thing here! I think though they are backordered
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    What about Incipio cases?

    Maybe this thread needs to go to the 3G side Chris?
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    What about Incipio cases?

    Thought I would bring this alive again since I am in the market for a 3G case. This Incipio sleeve looks hot. I like being naked but this pouch looks like the trick. Any thoughts or reviews?
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    What's your ringtone?

    "Sensual Seduction" Snoop Dogg. People get this...wait make it I mean:laugh2:
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    Customize doesn't work with 1.1.1?

    Happened to me to. Just uninstall and reinstall and before you do anything reboot the phone and then try it again. I did this and it worrked.:laugh2:
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    Breaking news! CNBC reporting that modified iPhones soon to be inoperable!

    restored mine till I I miss my mods!
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    Apple iPhone Bluetooth vs Jawbone?

    Got the Apple bluetooth and it is sexy! It works well for what I use it for. No problem with the iPhone in pocket. More importantly everyone says I sound just as clear as if I was on the iPhone. Love it. Plus it is TINY!
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    Ringtones now Available on iTunes.

    I got the same was like i had to re-authorrize my computer again?!?!?!
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    Just ordered top sp brownie/friar brown. From what I have seen and have heard this case may be the best. Thanks for all the input and will post pics when it arrives!
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Nothing else to say but class act! I was angry and wanted to post like many but glad that I waite a day so I didn't have top eat my words:laugh2: For all of you new to Apple, this is why they are great!
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    Try iPhone Remote: 200 GB+ of movies!

    Just did it thanks for the bump! What is real creepy is the camera and how dark my basement looks:foot: i wonder if it is live
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    Anyone know how to delete this because when you hit uninstall button it just is a reinstall button?
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    Update 1.0.2 - are you updating?

    Get out of my head! :laugh2:
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    I did and had to do a restore! :angry: