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    GoPhone Pick Your Plan & 1.1.1.?

    Nope it displays my new number , cause it is a new sim. As for the sim cards, I just kept going back to the same att store and telling them I need a new one. No charge just a pain in the butt to go down there 4 times . My old number is completely gone . kinda liked that number but oh well not...
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    EyeTV ~ very cool for iPhone!

    Dude I think you misread what he wrote. Believe he meant go to that group area and snoop around before asking questions cause they are cranky over there. Not here in this forum but the Yahoo one he mentioned
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    GoPhone Pick Your Plan & 1.1.1.?

    Fyi So I too am a gophone customer , broke (and I mean broke my phone) bought a new phone and thought the transfer of number would be simple . 2 days (really 2 days) later with level 2 Apple and level 2 att support conference call ) the end result is , they couldn't transfer my original...
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    Props to Jobs for making even more money

    Cool Well that is great news ! calm the masses . The really cool thing is , that I would bet ole Apple is hoping we save that money and wait till the new OS comes out , and blamo ! instant 500000+ user of new OS . great way to get ole leopard out to the masses Very cool. I think I will wait...
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    AppleJon ..Citrix Hi AppleJon my question to you is , any chance safari will support citrix . Safari on my mac works as it can run the java client. iPhone no go . this would be one super huge step in making mine and lots of my users blackberries go away (we have a ton of BB's) . not too...
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    What do you want fixed on your Gen 1 iPhone?

    right now 1 thing need to be able to play wav files from an email attachment. this is how our cicso unity message systems works. creates voicemail as wav and sends to your exchange inbox. if it could do that ... I would almost be free of my blackberry
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    Works Great on WIFI - No Server/No Edge When Away From WIFI

    iPhone = no Edge Blackberry = Edge weird .. wonder why that is ? any ideas ?
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    Edge back up in Denver
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    Spoke with customer service there is an issue . No ETA yet on return of service. Agent didn't really have any good info , just that it has been disrupted at this time
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    on hold with customer service will let you know what they tell me
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    downtown denver not working however edge on my blackberry is
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    VPN and Exchange

    Has anybody tried the VPN and or has anyone tried getting there email via exchange , good bad ?
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    anybody else go prepaid ?

    here you go
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    anybody else go prepaid ?

    sure give me a sec and I will
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    anybody else go prepaid ?

    data is unlimted for 20 bucks the same as the normal plan . only difference i saw was minutes i get 300 plus 1000 nights and weekends ..should be enough