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    iTunes rarely recognizes my iPhone

    Hmm. Lately, more often than not, I have iTunes running, plug in my iPhone, see the spinning color wheel for a min or so, and NOTHING else happens. No error, no crash, just no iPhone recognized. So, I quit iTunes and try again and ... usually nothing happens again. Maybe 1/6 times, it...
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    a drawstring sleeve made out of iPhone cloth material?

    I came upon this site for what you are describing... has anyone tried these?
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    No service then no SIM card installed message

    Are you serious? If so, there would be thousands of people with the same problem. My local AT&T store is not aware of this..
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    No service then no SIM card installed message

    Happening to me too....worked great Fri, Sat, Sun.. then this morning.. "No SIM Card installed" message appears. Is is NOT a low power issue... the unit was plugged in all night. Multiple re-starts.. nothing. Popped the SIM out and back in ... nothing...
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    Any luck with Vista 64 Bit?

    No answers here, just companionship. Same problem exactly.
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    HELP! WON'T INSTALL! Keeps saying to re-install iTunes. Tried 4 times already...

    I activated things perfectly on my Mac at work (all contacts and iCal items loaded). When I went home to try and load my music off of my PC, I got the same message as you. I reinstalled iTunes on the PC a couple of times and no luck. In my case, I suspect that it is because I activated it on...
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    HORRIBLE activation process

    10 minutes for clockwork...very impressed
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    Multiple iTunes - 1 iPhone

    I posted the question in a couple places.. like... Got conflicting answers and still don't know for sure....
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    Minneapolis Suburbs

    Besides a few who noted MoA in a different thread, is anyone camping in the Twin Cities' 'burbs? If not formally "camping", where/when are you gonna go on Friday?
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    Proof of 80GB iPhone from Apples website?

    Probably used an 80GB iPod for the video.
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    Minneapolis/St.Paul/Mall of America

    Thanks Julio, but my friends and family already think I'm nuts. Do you think I want the whole community to know it? :wink:
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    iPhone 2 is coming...............

    Yeah, I think I'm going to wait for iPhone 2, unless by that time there is a rumour about iPhone 3 coming after that. In that event, I'll definitely wait for iPhone 3. Unless of course, there is speculation about an iPhone 4. In fact, I'm sure that iPhone 4 will have 3TB of memory, solar...
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    Is iTunes for PC different than the Mac version?

    Do you think it will be possible to sync PIM apps (iCal and Address) on a Mac and then iTunes with a PC .. using the same phone?
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    Minneapolis/St.Paul/Mall of America

    Please tell me you meant Friday....
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    Minneapolis/St.Paul/Mall of America

    Kolizion at the Mall.... cool! What time are people showing up?