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    Battery Life so far?

    On my 4, when I went to IOS 6, it moved Location Services to the Privacy tab.
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    AT&T won't unlock my iPhone

    Thanks, everybody. I called them and they told me once I upgrade and was no longer using this one, my service commitment for this one would be done and they'd unlock it. They also told me when you can upgrade every 20 months. Weird. I know what to do now. Thanks again.
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    AT&T won't unlock my iPhone

    I put in a request for AT&T to unlock my iPhone 4. They refused, saying "the service commitment for this iPhone has not been completed". I am eligible for an upgrade, so I assume my 2 year contract extension is up. Will I have to stop using this phone before they will unlock it?
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    How to unlock my phone to use on any carrier?

    Can an unlocked phone be used on Virgin network?
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    Computer doesn't see iPhone

    I got it fixed. I went through the Help troubleshooting process. I needed to stop and restart my Apple Mobile Device Service. Thanks for the reply.
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    Computer doesn't see iPhone

    When I plug my iPhone 4 into my computer, the camera wizard sees it, but iPhone doen't see it at all. I can sync my podcasts via wifi, but I'd still like to be able to sync my phone normally. I've tried rebooting my computer and turning the iPhone off and on again. Any idea? Thanks.
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    Adding 2nd iPhone

    I have an iPhone through AT&T now. I am thinking about buying a 5 and giving my 4 to my girlfriend. This would mean I'd add a new line for her (she uses a different carrier now - Virgin). What would be the cheapest way to do this? Could I just add the line, buy her a cheap phone and put it's...
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    Win the iPhone 4

    This is my dog Frankie