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    iPhone 3G vs iPhone

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    iPhone 3G vs iPhone

    Why two? The iPhone is still an "iPhone". How do I know which section of the forum to be in. I now own an iPhone 3G, after having an iPhone since the beginning. When I log on to EIC I see both sections and the iPhone one always seems to have more people in it than the iPhone 3G one? Why...
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    Help with i. TV

    I have i.TV and think I'll like it, however I live in Columbus Ohio and the setup for channels has selections? I have Insight cable and there are three choices? It's Stupid! How do I know which one? 1. Columbus OM (CR) OH 2. Columbus Two (CR) OH 3. Columbus Two Rebuild OH I have tried...
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    Anyone sorry they bought the 8GB?

    I am going to buy a iPhone for the wife, should I get the 8GB or 16GB? I had a 8GB V1 iPhone. I never used much of the 8GB at all. When I got my iPhone 3G I figured I better get the 16GB because of all the apps I might want. Well turns out I still don't think I need all that room. My iPhone...
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    iPhone 3G fit old iPhone dock?

    NO the old dock will NOT fit the new iPhone 3G. If you sold your old iPhone you should give them the dock, it came with the iPhone originally. The new iPhone 3G does NOT come with a dock, it is sold separately.
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    Is it just me or the phone? is slow...

    My iPhone (original not 3G) has an overall lag to it since 2.0 upgrade. I notice it being slower in general. It is irritating, hope Apple does a 2.0.1 fix soon.
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    AT&T answer tones compatible with iPhone?

    Why do you people want to "force" the person that's calling you to listen to music? Probably music they don't care to hear! Why do YOU want it on there? YOU can't hear it! Just my 2 cents :foot:
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    checkbook? looking for an App

    I use Clearcheckbook. It's really pretty cool. It is internet based so you can access it from anywhere and it works great on my iPhone. The best thing is that it's FREE! Go to:
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    iCal Spring Date?

    I understand that but I added the Apple holidays to my iCal so I thought all the things would be there. I have the normal holidays just thought it strange that the seasons weren't part of it.
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    iCal Spring Date?

    I just noticed that Apples Holiday add ins to iCal does not have "Spring Equinox"? I think it is suppose to be on March 20th. Is that strange or is it just me. Just looked further and surprised to find NONE of the season changes are there?!?
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    How do you carry your iPhone?

    Must be a lot of left-handed people here? I carry mine in my "left" front pocket screen toward leg, naked. I do that because when I pull it out it is in my "left" hand so I can use my "right" hand fingers to push button/tap screen. Since I am right handed that just seems natural. So are you...
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    View Wallpaper

    I am talking about the wallpaper section in the downloads on this forum. There are three buttons below each file: Details, download and "view". I never see anything when I click the view button. All I get is a small white window with nothing in it.
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    Wireless router or just USB wireless?

    Guess this is the wrong place for a thread about wireless router education but it started out as a need WiFi for my iPhone. :smile:
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    Wireless router or just USB wireless?

    It's starting to become a little more clear. That is if I want to get wireless access for my old iMac that doesn't have built in wireless. That device would plug into my USB port and give me wireless access to a wireless router. But I'll still need a wireless router. I've pretty much decided...
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    Wireless router or just USB wireless?

    That might be what I was trying to do except I have no more ports empty. Thanks but I guess my best bet is still a new wireless (4 port) router. I got a $50.00 gift card for Best Buy, they'll have one.