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    Anyone here married?

    I have been married about 5 years now. I have been with my wife since '95 (or was it '96 *shrugs*) We have 2 boys... 9 & 4 years old And yes.... Happy as can be:)
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Welcome to the club, there are a few of us here. Grats on the iPhone. ")
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    so is anyone still having problems with...

    iPhone #2, and this one's safari crashes all the time too.
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    29 as of a few days ago.
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    What does Your Avatar Mean?

    Not sure what mine means really...I like Spiders? :)
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    What adapter do I need....

    Thank you, I looked for a long while with no luck. And aways.... Quality is what matters , not price. :)
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    What adapter do I need....

    I just noticed the little boom box at work has an Audio In port in the back.Anyone know what cable I need to plug my iPhone into it with?
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    Screen Issues....

    Hrmmmm..... Yes I like it better, no wear marks on the back. As far as the screen goes... Not worried about what series it is. I will list it later just because you inquired about it.
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    Screen Issues....

    Brand spanking new:) Now I have to worry about scratches all over again.
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    Screen Issues....

    I did not like paying 30 bucks for the loaner but I had to. Also an update...... I just got my replacement phone in today. Just have to send the loaner back and all is done.
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    More Failed Calls

    I have been with Cingular/At&t for over five years now. I live roughly 1.5 miles from our local tower. I get more drops and poor signal with my iPhone than any other phone I have ever owned on this network. My wife has two nokias ATM, same network, no drops and mostly always full bars. ...
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    Screen Issues....

    The only mods I had were rings. But I did not re-add them after I updated. I was a little worried if there was a blackbox of sorts on the phone, guess not. *QUICK EDIT* @Street ..... thanks for the info, I never noticed it said that on the back. And yes, I did have to check in disbelief...
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    Screen Issues....

    Shipped my broke phone out at 4pm yesterday 08-02-07. Today I get home from work with a reply from Apple waiting :) If they replaced it, why did they not just have me keep the loaner. It seems to be brand new. FedEx states I will have my package Monday :) I have to ask.... is Apple this way...
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    My iPhone Touchscreen broke - iPhone sent away for 3 days about.

    Yes they use iPhones, I got my loaner in the other day...FedEX shipped in 2 days time flat.
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    Help with windows error please!

    System Idle Process just represents free system resources. [correct me if I am wrong] Don't you just love windows. I reinstall XP every 3 months on all my comps to keep them running smooth. *EDIT* Also, before randomly closing processes, make sure you know what they are to avoid problems...