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    Try iPhone Remote: 200 GB+ of movies!

    so I'm actually having a hard time getting it working right... I've got a 700gb movie collection that I've ripped using HandBrake into .m4v files with h264. All of the movies play great on my AppleTV and range in size from 640x480 (old copied VHS tapes) to 1920x1080i HD DVD rips. I can use a...
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    BeeJive IM app

    easily the best 'iChat' web implementation so far! I'm very impressed... its easy to use, remembers your login information, and has a very familiar look and feel. Very polished!
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    I'm I the only one? - Edge is pretty fast!

    I've got to agree... EDGE seems quite a bit faster than people made it out to be. I get 200+kbps anywhere in the Bay Area and thats plenty fast to view web pages. It streams YouTube videos as well, which is just amazing IMO. Yeah, 3G is faster ... but its not everywhere -- and that's important.
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    Has your iPhone ever randomly go to the home screen? (please take poll)

    so I had this exact same problem (not the PDF one, but the crashing) for the first 48 hrs of using the phone. I crashed apps probably 20-30 times at least. as soon as I did a full reset (hold down the Home and top button until you see the Apple symbol), all of the crashes went away. i havn't...
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    How do you adjust the bottom four quick link buttons ...

    maybe that was what he said... But they really should let you customize the bottom 4 buttons!
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    How do you adjust the bottom four quick link buttons ...

    I know that Steve publicly mentioned that the four buttons on the bottom of the iPhone are customizeable ... but I can't find ANY way to do it. Its not listed in the manual, nor can I find any settings for it. Has anyone else figured this out ..?