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    Does the iPhone block adware and etc.

    Since the iPhone is like a computer and you surf the internet with it, do I have to worry about adware, spy ware, and etc.?
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    Are any of you guys carrying your iPhone in your pocket with NO CASE?

    no case here but have 3 on stand by
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    after first FULL charge - usage/standby info is missing

    if you do a power drain turn off on your phone the usage meter will disappear and then plug it back into the phone and let it fully charge and the usuage meter will start once its fully charge. Thats how I got mine to work
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    Fully charged indicator?

    that weird my full charges in 4-5 hours
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    how do u delete photos?

    thats on the film roll folder only
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    EDGE not working in Pittsburgh area?

    I believe that EDGE have crashed today. ATT and Apple Knows this, everyone is complaining.
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    iPhone from eBay

    doesn't vodafone have something going with Apple about having the phone work in Europe.
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    E-mail issue

    keep me updated, I want to know also what is the problem.
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    same thing with you. I tried looking at options and I have PM enabled.
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    that is perfect, part of my car is carbon fiber. When you get it made let me know I will have a sales outlet for you if the item is perfect.
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    E-mail issue

    its an att outgoing server so if your not using att internet connection then it won't work. If your using someone elses wifi connection, all I can say is use web base mail or if you need to send something switch to EDGE right away and then go back to the wifi. Or you can call your email...
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    Fully charged indicator?

    my phone was 20% yesterday and I charged it for like 4 hours and it became fully charged. I used the dock first and than switched over to plug. Don't know if I ruined my battery life.
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    Where are all the oldschool posters?

    I was on here forever before just reading, now got the iPhone so I can post.
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    for everyone still looking for an iPhone

    thats what I mean he got one for free
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    for everyone still looking for an iPhone

    he's Apple employee, figured if he make $600 now he can keep $600 and wait for couple months and use his employee discount to buy the phone.