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    Is "Talk Radio" too political for a Apple app?

    I am David Kyle, the creator of the app "Talk Radio." Lately I have been getting emails and comments from customers accusing me of not being balanced with my first round of shows listed on our app. Our shows include: Rush Limbaugh, Allan Colmes, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ed Schultz, and Dr...
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    Radio On iPhone

    I created a App that streams popular AM radio hosts, it is called "Talk Radio" It has a streaming feature and a radio station finder that helps as you travel and don't get a network. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. DK
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    Best iPhone Internet Radio

    I have created a radio streaming app called "Talk Radio" if you like that kind of entertainment and political talk.
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    Radio Streaming?

    I am glad I found your question because I created an App for streaming Radio. In case your curious it is called "Talk Radio" In the next 2 weeks we are going to post new Sports and BBC shows to stream but right now we have a general mix of political views to listen with your iPod Touch or...