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    new rubber pieces for my v-moda vibes?

    Last night i pulled the headphones out of my gym bag and lo-and behold one of the rubber ear pieces came off somewhere and i lost the extras they give you with purchase...where can i pick up some of the rubber pieces locally? radio shack? best buy? target? help!
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    Cool Machine in Atlanta airport

    those are all over the place in san diego. Macy's at the mall, i even saw one in a vons behind the check out lanes
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    Anyone have this case? i just ordered it.

    Just came in, i like it a lot! now i just need my holster to get here so i can use it at the gym again!
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    Anyone have this case? i just ordered it.

    awesome im glad you like it. i almost ordered black, but i figured it would show scratches more than the silver one. plus the seido holster will be great for the gym because it can hold a phone with a case
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    Anyone have this case? i just ordered it. I just ordered this with the seidio spring clip for when im at the gym. I like that there is no border around the screen, and that its thin and stylish yet will protect the backside of the phone...
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    iPhone takes on semi, lives to tell the tale

    im guessing since he's modded his phone, Apple wont do jack crap for him about a commercial :wink:
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    What's your ringtone?

    mine is that song from the movie knocked up when theyre at the club LOL
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    iPhone surgery for louder speaker?

    freshly poked my holes, and its much louder now! i can finally hear my text tones from my pocket!
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    if i return my 4gig, do i get a 8gig?

    ok cool thanks guys!
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    if i return my 4gig, do i get a 8gig?

    I got a 4gig on I-day and lately its been really buggy and acting funny quitting programs and stuff all the time. If i return it do i get a 8 gig now or a 4 gig?
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    Summer board question

    open customize and set the springboard icons to zero. then download and install the program called "dock" and it will put a small sunburst in the bottom right of your screen, and you touch there and it brings all your icons out and you can go through by sliding your finger and pick which one...
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    I bought a FAKE iPod nano and I didn't even know! Just took it apart - look!

    upload them to photobucket or putfile. im interested in seeing this
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    maps: Find Businesses

    yep its like what was posted earlier, do a search first for your location, then immediately after pull down the search bar, and search pizza hut. it will then show the pizza huts in the area, and the highlihted one that will say "pizza hut" over the dot on the map is the one closest to the...
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    Any Way to Improve YouTube Quality on Edge?

    I think its psychosomatic (all in your head)