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    How to clean a rubber case?

    I bought an expensive case from Case-Mate, it was a light color and it got dirty and nothing cleaned it. I like light colors and wish the materials were cleanable.
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    Well, how do you guys think of iOS 6!

    Is it for all airlines like Spirit, Southwest & AirTran or just the one they advertised?
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    How many of you will buy the next iPhone?

    I just got the 4S in Nov 11, my second line is eligible. And I do plan on getting the next iPhone, however I may wait until next year to escape the bugs I dealt with when I got the 4S.
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    How many of you will buy the next iPhone?

    Why do you think you will loose your unlimited data plan? I upgraded to the 4S and I didn't loose mine. Have you heard whether they are following behind Verizon? I sure hope not.
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    What was your phone before the iPhone?

    I had a Windows Pocket PC and when the iPhone first came out, I went to a Black Berry until the prices came down.
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    How to add a pic to mail

    You don't have to jailbreak your phone to put a picture in the mail app. Go to your photos, click camera roll (shows all photos at once), then click the box with the arrow coming out of it, then click on the pictures, then click copy, go to mail, click paste and there you have it.
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    Forced onto an AT&T tethering plan...

    Just call them and tell them You want to stay in the unlimited.
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    streaming movies / live TV

    thanks, I downloaded like 4 movies.
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    I lost all my contacts

    Yes whatever is on your phone, should be in the cloud. Did you click merge, (that causes some double entries for me, but their all there).
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    I lost all my contacts

    Settings-iCloud-choose what you want to sync (if it's not already set up, then first put in your email or Apple I'd). Click storage and backup, choose on, do a back up and there you have it.
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    Upgrade eligibility frequency?

    AT&T changed that this year, every 20 months.
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    Problems with enhanced photos and orientation

    I have a Mac and I cropped a photo, then sych'd with iTunes (wired), it went to iPhoto, the original is there and not the cropped. And on the phone, I have the cropped and not the original. Guess for now, I will keep my crop for free app, that keeps both copies!
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    iPhone 4s battery charging

    I didn't reboot. Took off charger last night at 11pm, it's 10:27pm, 23 hrs later, 1% and counting down.
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    iPhone 4s battery charging

    I have used it for more than 24 hrs but it did not register. I will be letting it drain tonight.
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    Dirt in Speaker and Microphone

    Check out Otterbox and LifeProof as well as online. The two above cover everything, no dust build up. I got one cause my 3GS is so clogged it won't charge properly.