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    iPhone Hackers Prosecuted

    Hiya,'ve never seen a GSM phone that cannot be unlocked? Try the Sidekick. Back when I had a Sidekick II, it was said in various Sidekick/HipTop forums that it's possible to SIM unlock it, but T-Mobile would never give out the unlock codes. After attempting to ask T-Mobile's customer...
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    All the iPhone mocking...

    What I can't stand is the mocking/staring from regular folks. I don't pull out my phone if I don't have to. Otherwise, it will be in its case and sitting in my pocket. And it's a good thing it's so new and it seems there aren't too many people who have even played with one at an Apple or...
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    EDGE Network: Secure?

    I agree. Unless I really had to go to a website that would require me to provide personal information online (ie credit card or banking sites) because I wouldn't be able to do so with my regular home computer and/or a different private computer that I trust, I wouldn't do it with my iPhone.
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    No Problems with my iPhone, Am I the only one?

    I've had problems--just nothing I'm not used to. Mostly, I can't stand the keyboard lag when I go to websites like or forums like this one and I try to type--in portrait or landscape mode--and there are those times when the keyboard lags on me, even after I've emptied out my...
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    update soon? looks like it.

    Wow, that IS promising. Lol...a lot of the "we'll get an update on so-and-so date and I can FEEL it!" talk brought me back to the Sidekick forums, when people would be so darn sure that there would be an update, and then nothing would happen. A lot of that kind of talk is happening with the...
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    Landscape keyboard laggs

    Just wanted to add this may want to change your "auto check" settings for your email too. Tried that just now...changed it from check every 15 minutes to manual for now, just to see what happens, and I'm not getting any lag, whichever way I have my screen. I'm wondering if having the...
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    How often should the iPhone be turned off?

    One question...just how many smartphones have you ever had?
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    How often should the iPhone be turned off?

    Cool, thanks for the responses. :) This question only occurred to me just now, after a Safari crash with about an hour ago. It got me thinking back to the Sidekick II I owned a few years ago and how I was told to turn it off at least once a week--and when I did that, I didn't have many...
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    Safari crashing randomly isn't due to the phone being messed up. If you got another iPhone and did some graphics-intensive Web surfing on it, you'd still make the browser crash. And in that case, you'd want to clear the cache/history/cookies/all three of them or...possibly you'd want to turn...
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    How often should the iPhone be turned off?

    Hiya, I haven't thought of this till now, actually...but should the iPhone ever be turned off (not counting turning it off to do a hard reboot)? I mean...are you supposed to keep it on all the time, or are you supposed to turn it off every night, or every few nights, etc? I don't remember...
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    Gmail sends sent mail back to inbox

    Just wanted to point out that this happens with Blackberrys too, at least...that whenever emails from my gmail addy were sent out with my Pearl, I would always get a copy of the email back. And now that doesn't happen anymore because I have an iPhone. :P Point is, though--this isn't an...
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    So, how many other people have you seen with an iPhone?

    Hiya! Well...other than mine, I haven't actually spotted an iPhone unholstered and in the wild out here in Chicago. I think (?) I saw one holstered and hanging off the belt of some guy at Border's last week. He was verifying that he was on the store's wait-list for Harry Potter. :P At the...