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    iMac Waiting.....

    I know exactly how you feel. I placed my order on December 31st for a BTO 27" iMac. At least you have firm dates! You should check the macrumors forums. There are plenty of ppl who have had to wait a month after placing their order! Mine just says ships January. Judging by others wait times I am...
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    Win iTunes Gift Cards from everythingiCafe

    I never win anything! Sent using iCafe app
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    Just got iPad mini

    Still devastated from the last 2 weeks...but hey, we can't complain. 2 Super Bowls in 5 years... Sent using iCafe app
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you all got some nice new (Apple) toys! Sent using iCafe app
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    Is it just me, or is the 5 real easy to ding?

    The phone is too easy to ding. It's absolutely true. Before my phone left the box for me to use I immediately had ghost armor put on it. Then a bumper style case. I would love to go without a case and just ghost armor but I'm afraid to bang it up and lose resale value.
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    Cellular iPad owners, are you using the same carrier as your iPhone

    Ive had both carriers. I'm on Long Island as well. Verizon has the better lte coverage right now hands down, and its not even comparable. I will say, i was shocked how fast verizon is. i didn't believe the hype initially but it is pretty damn fast...I am impressed! The reason I'm recommending...
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    Question about tethering on iPhone 5

    Alright so I spoke to Verizon. I was assured that you do NOT lose unlimited data if you add a tethering option. Granted I'd have to pay $30 for the option to tether, but was told since I already have unlimited data, that I'm able to tether with unlimited as well. So of course it sucks paying for...
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    Question about tethering on iPhone 5

    Thanks for the help guys..I'll probably stick to the jailbroke tether option. If for some reason it doesn't work as well as I like I can always swap for the 4g ipad.
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    Question about tethering on iPhone 5

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything on it. I recently got the iPhone 5 and new iPad (wi-fi version as 4g wasn't released yet). I am one of the lucky ones who still has unlimited data on my Verizon plan. Since I do, I thought I'd ask about tethering. Now I'm not opposed...
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    iPhone 5 Rant & Rave

    I hear you. Just got the iPhone 5. I'm still trying to adjust to the long screen. It just looks pretty damn weird! I'm sure I will get used to it eventually. I don't know why everyone was clamoring for a bigger screen. I personally find it overrated and was perfectly happy with 3.5...if i want a...
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    Where's everyone from ?

    Long Island, NY...soon to be Chicago!
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    I Love the iPad mini

    I'm glad you're liking the mini europa! I am loving it as well! I bought an iPad 4 and mini and was debating which to keep. I'm pretty certain it's going to be the mini (not 100% decided though). Sure the 4 has insane resolution, and is super speedy. It's a wonderful device. But the mini just...
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    Official iPad mini Camping Thread

    Got the 32 gb mini. I am not lying when I tell you the screen is nowhere near as bad as everyone is making it out to be. This thing kicks ass!
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    Official iPad mini Camping Thread

    I'm outside best buy in my car and there is no one here. This should be cake!
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    iPad Mini Shipping/Tracking Thread

    Same here, mine ships from NJ. seems crazy. Gonna buy iPad 4 in store that way i'll have both and just keep the one I like better. Looks like all Apple stores by me will be closed due to the storm. Fortunately I have a Best buy across the street which is open. Last year you were able to walk in...