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    Win the Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad

    my iPad rocks because it has almost replaced my laptop!
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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 Bubble Slider Case

    I'd like to win! :cool::cool::cool:
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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    I would love to WIN this Beauty :cool::cool:
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    Face time troubles

    i know you already figured it out but i had the same problem as well. for anyone else in the same boat goto settings,phone,facetime ON.
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    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    well i got my tracking number from att yesterday. its from ups so i just gave them a call. i was told i will be getting my package by the end of the day june 23rd :ok:ok.
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    Win the iPhone 4

    I want to win a iPhone 4
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    coolest theme on Cydia?

    Why so serious
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    Notice for people who are using Chromium iPhone and Glossy Keyboard

    i am having the same problem but haven't heard a fix for it yet.
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    T-Zones hack for 1.1.4 Help!

    http://limitededitioniPhone/lei.xml add that to your sources, it brings up a tmobile section in installer and they have a 1.1.4 t-zone hack that worked with my phone.
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    GPS Problem...

    i just tried mine in the basement and it located basically right where i was in my house!
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    Am I eligible for discount on iPhone 3G?

    thanks for the help i do have the iPhone with me still, to say the least that makes me feel a lot better. Thanks guys, jeff
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    Am I eligible for discount on iPhone 3G?

    im currently waiting in line for the new iPhone and i need to know if i can get the discount or not. it says if you bought a iPhone before july 11th then you get the 199 price is this right? if not im about to get he hell outa here. thanks, jeff
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    it works fine for me but im on AT&T
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    touchpad pro question

    i saw this on installer what is it?
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    Send AND RECEIVE MMS on the iPhone!

    nope just sent one again with wifi on.