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    Are 3d games actually better?

    I didn't say that if it uses Unity it is crap (as far as I know Temple Run is using Unity). However, game development platforms in general makes it easier and cheeper to develop games today. It is a good thing in the sense that it reduces the cost to develop good games and many indie developers...
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    Words With Friends

    Words With Friends was the first and the best. The rest, like draw something, grow old very fast...
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    How to add ringtones in Apple iPhone 4s

    There are also a few of App Store apps that help you in the process (e.g. cut a section of the song).
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    What the hell happened to my YouTube app?

    There is a new YouTube app on the App Store now. Did you upgraded to iOS 6?
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    First app you ever downloaded?

    Wow... actually got me looking back. Great idea for a thread. First day I got an iPhone I downloaded about 30 apps... all free... Facebook, PayPal, Shazam, Uno, TowerMadness Zero, Live Poker, and many more... some I still have on my phone (first 3 as an example)
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    Are 3d games actually better?

    I don't think 3d makes a game better, there are some great ones and some bad ones - just like 2d or 2.5d Angry birds, tiny wings, cut the rope, wild surf, Plants vs. Zombies, etc. are all great games which are not 3d. It is all about gameplay and fun. I actually don't like that many 3d games...
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    Most Common used App or Game

    Right now my kids are all over the Skylanders game on the iPad. Can't even get my hands on the device...
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    Do you guys use a case?

    bare-bone here... never found one I liked Took the $99 Apple care instead ;)
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    Most Used (not necessarily favorite) App?

    Built in: Mail App: Facebook Game: ***********
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    Found! A great new app!

    I love this one, they released another FX pack recently