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    I am not familiar with iSync

    I will try the iPhone first then the Apple laptop!
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    Keeping the screen clean

    Just use the plastic protectors that can be used on the palm.
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    100 Gig?

    Only 60-80 g
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    SD Card Reader

    Why didn't Apple add the card reader?
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    Voice Dial over

    Is there any word about compatibility with bluetooth sets?
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    Gates vs. Jobs

    lots of fun at the expense of Bill.
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    Does it make any sense to you that the company knows what is needed to make a world class phone but fails on the first or second try? Probably it sets the company up for more phone purchases on the second "improved" version.
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    Will the iPhone work with Microsoft?

    palm Will it sync with Palm products?
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Have you heard if the iPhone will be different from the one in the US?
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    sync If it does not sync with outlook, why buy it?