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    video recorder only rec's a few seconds

    you mother !@#$%^ :p
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    Charge and sync without removing cases!

    ummm...duh :tounge:
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    If you're in the Mofia the iPhone isn't for you.

    cant you just take out the sim card?
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    The "perfect" holster case

    i like...what was your total, and where did you order from?
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    its up in the downloads section.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    hey, those are nice. anyone have them?
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    Tips And Tricks

    i just noticed this a few days can slide the progress bar in the ipod app even if your finger isn't directly on it. push and hold the marker, slide your finger down and then move left or right. this works for any horizontal slider you can find on the iPhone.
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    Pocket Solution's Case...

    be sure to post some pics. ive been thinking about ordering one of these
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    mod after update

    i left everything the way it was from version 1.0 and ran jailbreak just fine. all mods were done with no problems. btw, im using manzana on vista
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    i barely got the nerve to mod my homescreen icons (only because it was a loaner phone). and now im stuck on a slow connection downloading the 91mb file
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    iPhone Software Update As Soon As July 5?

    your "good friend" was only 2 days off! now have your friend ask him when the REAL update is comming. :p
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    does this update mean i have to redo the themes and ringtones i put on the phone?
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    On my third iPhone in 3 weeks

    if they were even going to let you keep the loaner phone, why would you want one that says "AppleCare Service" engraved on the back?
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    Speakers Crackling

    can someone perform this test for me? set the ringer volume to the highest level, select "bark" as a ringtone, and let me know if you hear any distortion. i hear it crackle on the third and fourth bark.
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    Speakers Crackling

    i know the external speaker's cheap, but im starting to notice my speakers crackling. not only does it do this while listening to music and podcasts, it also happens with some of the stock ringtones on the loudest settings. is this happening to anyone else?