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    Ringtones available now?

    Go to the contact, edit, select a ringtone.
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    Get ready for Noobs

    yes... you can see it coming already; "Shut up Noob! I bought on iDay! You aren't a "real" iPhone owner". And BTW, I bought iDay +1. So, I can't be a iPhone Vet/Forum Snob. I stood in no lines, transaction took 5 minutes from opening the door to leaving. I have paid no dues, other than...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    All I can say is as of the update, the wifi speeds are in fact better, unless the two tests I use were changed in some way on the same day as the release. I've checked speed 10+ times since the update and the results are the same... 2x (or better) than the week before, on the same network...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    WiFi is WAY faster ... 2x here as a matter of fact. Was getting a typical 1,400 before, now over 3,500. I've tried to crash Safari, no "luck" so far. switching between apps "seems" faster/snappier.
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    App: Seeqpod

    and that statement has been posted even more.... :angry:
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    Can Apple make a 4GB an 8GB?

    No problem. Go to the store. It will cost 600+ tax.
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    You forgot #4 ... those, such as yourself that don't own the phone but like to talk about it.
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    Is my iPhone going to hell on me?

    That's not unusual.... I'm guessing it's got something to do with Java Script.. Almost every board I frequent is vBulletin based and they all lag on the iPhone (using the "Quick Reply", but NOT when I reply with the full reply dialog).
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    How much can you fit on a 4GB iPhone?

    That's why he said "about 4 gigs worth"
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    My Review of 1st Generation iPhone

    How would we expect otherwise? Unless I missed something, you wrote that long "review" based on a few minutes with one at a store? FYI, "testing" typically takes a lot longer than the actual writing of the "review" . :)
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    State Farm is going to insure my iPhone

    Corporate also confirms that THEY DO NOT INSURE iPHONEs. I worked it all the way up the chain. The manager I spoke with at length actually laughed when I said, $50/year, no deductible accidental damage/theft, etc... said they'd go broke replacing $600 iPhones. Even if someone got a policy...
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    FYI.. my statements are general in nature, not directed at any one person in particular.
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    Are you serious? Look at ANYTHING made by Apple. Their desktops make EVERYTHING else look like some cheapo Chinese knock off. OPen a G5/Pro tower and tell me that don't care. I got to mess with the new iMac today... INSANE attention to detail/quality. Point is, they damn sure do care... they...
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    Send pics from iPhone to another Phone?

    Right on ... I actually LIKE using the iPhone. First phone I've had (probably 20+ over the years, WM, BB, Treo, et al ) that I can say that about. Sure, there are some things I might use if they were there, but the fact is, I knew what I was buying before I laid down the cash.... kinda simple...
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    Help Glass broke!

    Uhh.. I've read of several people paying $250 (Apple) to have the glass replaced. Free Glass for dropping your phone? Now THAT would be sweet.