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    Current 3G owners -- will we qualify for the 3GS? thanks. I guess I'll keep my 3G phone.
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    Current 3G owners -- will we qualify for the 3GS?

    The AT&T prices stated for the 3GS are for "new and qualifying customers"... I wonder if that includes current 3G owners? Since I purchased the 3G last year, I technically have another year left before I "qualify" for an upgrade. If AT&T doesn't include current 3G owners, they're going to be...
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    logging on to iTunes store from iPhone

    You were probably thinking of the iTunes music store (as opposed to the App Store), which can only be accessed over Wifi.
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    Is it possible to dismiss an app update?

    I don't know if there's a way to dismiss the update, but if your phone is jailbroken, you can manually change the icon.
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    video player for iPhone 3G

    There's a VLC player for the iPhone (it's in beta testing right now) that will play divx movies, but when it's released, it will only be available for jailbroken phones.
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    PDA Net Now Available

    Hands down the best iPhone tethering app available. Unlike NetShare and iPhoneModem, it doesn't use a socks proxy. So you can use AIM, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc...all without having to do any configurations on your laptop. It also has a nice meter usage too. I've been tethering...
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    Video Recorder Not Working

    Videos are placed in: /var/mobile/Media/Videos
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    Forum Membership Drive and Review an App Contest Winners

    Chris, Just wanted to thank you again for the gift certificate and all that you do. It will definitely be put to good use! EIC rocks! p.s. "He" is a "she". :tounge:
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    visual voicemail broke

    This happens to me all the time. Call your iPhone from another phone and leave a voicemail message to yourself. You should be able to access your VM area afterwards.
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    openSSH forgotten password

    Glad you got it all figured out! Actually if your phone is jailbroken, Diskaid does allow root access. Just select "Root Folder" from the drop down menu (which is located at the bottom left-hand corner).
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    openSSH forgotten password

    If I remember correctly, changing your password involves modifying the file "master.passwd" located in /etc/ on your iPhone. To change it back, you'll need to replace master.passwd with the original file. PM me if you need it. Since you can't login via SSH, you'll have to connect via USB to...
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    Custom battery icon

    Yep, exactly.
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    Custom battery icon

    A battery theme consists of 17 images labeled as such: imagename_1.png imagename_2.png imagename_3.png imagename_4.png ... and so on. Then log into your phone and create a new folder under /Library/Themes/YourThemeName where YourThemeName can be anything you want. Within this new...
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    Dev's Official 2.0.2 Jailbreak - GUIDE (with pics)

    Someone else on the forum had this problem. I think the solution was to install an iTunes application (a free one will do) and the Cydia icon should appear.
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    Can't turn off SSH in 2.0.2

    Ok I got it working. In case anyone else has problems toggling items on/off in BossPrefs: if you do a reboot/respring, the changes will stick. It seems you have to do it everytime least for me.