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    do you EVER turn off your iPhone?

    same as me.. i couldn't remember when the last time i turned it off :smile::smile:
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    "Heroes" is this show really THAT good?!

    yeap if they are working together that's invisible no one can't beat that. for just 2 people said that peter petrelli and guy name sylar working together that's almost impossible to beat it.since peter petrelli can heal him self same ambility as her sister who can defeat death:laugh2: this...
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    Does leaving apollo logged in drain battery?

    yep it is recommended. and also you can turn the wifi/bluetooth/edge when they are not needed. it also can help preserve the battery. playing game also can take more power on the battery. reduce the brightness it also can preserve the power .:laugh2::laugh2:
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    I'm stumped!

    this is how to reset: turn iPhone off and turn it on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPhone for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then slide the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.:laugh2:
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    I'm stumped!

    my suggest is u should try reseting your iPhone
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    What is much better iPhone or Nokia N95

    yeap nokia has it:laugh2:
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    3rd Party Apps Working on 1.1.1!

    you're so true :laugh2::laugh2:
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    Do I have to update to 1.1.1 or can I stay with installed version?

    yeah at least for now.. since 1.1.1 is already jail broken so that's mean the Gui for update to 1.1.1 soon will be release:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
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    Where is the restore button located in iTunes?

    Download and install iTunes 7.3.2 (download). Take your new phone out of the box, and connect it to your computer with the supplied USB-cable. You need to modify ("jailbreak") the phone before it will be possible to upload third party files/applications. If you are on Windows, i highly...
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    Where is the restore button located in iTunes?

    if you don't have the 1.0.2 firmware u should download it at,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw download the file then put the file on C:\Documents and Settings\(your username)\Application Data\Apple...
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    Where is the restore button located in iTunes?

    for unlocking method u can visit this link
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    Where is the restore button located in iTunes?

    that's 03.14.08_G - firmware version 1.0.1 or 1.02 :laugh2:
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    Where is the restore button located in iTunes?

    for downgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 you can read this link
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    Where is the restore button located in iTunes?

    How to Determine if iPhone is On Firmware version 1.1.1 or Older 1.0.x If your aim is simply to check and determine whether your iPhone is running on newer version 1.1.1 or older version 1.0.x of firmware, the fastest and easiest method is by holding down the Power (Sleep/Wake) and Home button...
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    Taskbar Notifier mail icon always on.

    mine it works just fine. i use gmail account :smile: