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    Hows your iPhone touch screen hold up?

    I went a few days without protecting the screen with anything and had no problems whatsoever. Then I decided to stop trying my luck and got a skin, and it has worked perfectly. It's been dropped twice - one wasn't serious, the other one was slightly more serious...the 2nd...
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    MasterCard covers its users.

    Yes, that's exactly how it works....if it's an AD. At the time I had called, there were no ads. I'm guessing there still aren't. Again, news articles are not acceptable.
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    MasterCard covers its users.

    Yeah, I have the policy here too. It's on their site. Online pricing is *not* sufficient. It *must* be an ad. And you guys can get pissed at the reps you talk to all you want; they don't set the policies and they are just doing their jobs.
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    Read the letter. Details coming to Apple's site next week.
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    POLL: Are you satisfied with Apple's good faith $100 Store Credit

    Yes - it's fair. I was pissed about the price drop but it comes with the territory...they certainly didn't owe anyone. But aside from that it's good marketing. I had canceled plans to buy another iPhone before the refund was I will be using the $100 to buy a $350 iPod classic...
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    Apple $100 Store Credit. Any recommendations?

    I haven't decided If I will pick up the iPod Classic (160 GB) or another iPhone for my wife.
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    MasterCard covers its users.

    CitiBank's purchase protection (I have it on my MC which I bought the phone on) requires a printed advertisement...of which there are none yet. And they are VERY strict about this. They will not accept pages printed off the web, copies of price tags, etc.
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    That is certainly satisfactory as far as I'm concerned.
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    The iPhone-Friendly Website List.

    Weird - I can get the page when I click on the link on my PC, but on my iPhone it gives me a page not found error.
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    State Farm giveth, and State Farm taketh away!

    Totally agreed. That kind of behavior helps rates go higher for honest people.
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    Music volume goes way down after phone call

    I'm coming across a new (new for me anyway) problem and I don't see any mention of it anywhere. When I am listening to music and using a line out to plug into speakers I have a nice loud volume level. But when a call comes in the volume drops WAY down for the call, and when it automatically...
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    myspace trouble

    The Facebook interface is already available, and it's pretty amazing.
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    Losing place in audiobook

    In iTunes you can click on the properties of the book and select whether or not you want it to remember your place.
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    Send your iPhone pics to Flickr.. Yes its possible

    Yeah - I do this. It's cool. I run a photo blog for my kids for out-of-town family, and I take pictures, email them to my Flickr acc't, then go to Flickr and blog the photo. Very cool.
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    Credit vs. Deposit

    And shipping would be close to or the same cost as any taxes, plus you have to worry about getting ripped off.