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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Honda Maker, When you posted your last message directed at me, I noticed it was quite late at night. (Early Monday morning.) You posted the following: "...OK, smart***, unless you can contribute something constructive to this forum, or have a valid question or suggestion, please show some...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Well, again... I've said "thanks". Is there a particular reason you feel moved to ask another question like "What the ****?" Not sure I know what you mean now. Does it pertain to the iPhone? Is **** available to look up? This thread has been exhausted, and won't benefit or contribute much...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Wellllllll.... I looked up the nomenclature of the iPhone controls directly from the Apple iPhone manual. And on page 10, it labels the switch on the side of the device (just above the Volume buttons) as a "Ring/Silent switch". After carefuly scrolling back through this entire thread, the...
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    your mobile IP address can be traced?

    JiggyMatt, You're the "shock Jock" of everything iPhone. Or maybe a Rush junior. You're having too much fun in-sighting conflict, and drama into the armchair viewing public of the afflicted iPhone User community. Don't be ashamed, be paranoid. "Say what?" If you were really a pro, you'd...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    iPhone 69, You're a genius! I'm the one saying, "DUMB! DUH? Now. ~laughing at my stupidness~~~~ It's the switch on the side of the iPhone above the volume control. I never use that switch. Ever! My only reason for it being switched off, is it must have been moved while taking the iPhone...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Thanks for the added info Stuart, and the photo to help illustrate. And yes Honda Maker, I'm one of those sarcastic individuals that are best taken in real time, and not on some "street" forum. The written word has always lacked "tone", and in my case, "tack". (As I'm pulling down my eyelid)...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    So interestingly "Strange". Have Two Vibrate features shown in the Sounds Settings. At the very top of the list; Silent is labeled with Vibrate... and the on/off setting. Below that, is the Ring. It also has a term labeled "Vibrate" which seems redundant. I should take a picture of it to...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Well, good question Honda Maker... which by the way... I'm in your plant(s) from time-to-time working on the stuff... that allows you to do your job... Rib---Rib--- Checking out your great "hint". Thanks man. John
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    Cannot send text messages (1st gen)

    Quick Answer: Hmmm... I Don't Know. JD
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    How Much is Sales Tax on the iPhone?

    There's no need to be Rude "but" keep in mind any forum on the Internet is basically made up of the "street". So it may help to develop a little thicker skin... to survive some of the more impatient, and sarcastic replies. No one here starts out as being rude... it's more a lack of patience...
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Yes! Saturday Night... Full Speed Ahead. Thanks for your curiosity... I guess it's to be continued. Maybe I'll just have to "restore" and see/hear what happens. I don't want to do the restore action until I've exhausted any/and/all options. Enjoying a Saturday night, John
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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Okay gang, After applying for, and receiving my Apple Store credit for being one of the early adopters of the iPhone; it's a coincidence that no matter what I click on, off, on, off within the settings menu... I no longer hear the Keyboard Clicks while typing. What am I missing? I have shut...
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    My First Bill!

    The first bill can be a little overwhelming to fully understand. Your next bill should be nearly half. (Or even less... unless you are the ultimate motor-mouth, and Text Guruuuuue) After my third bill, it seems to have mellowed out to 67.70 with roll-over minutes accumulating. John
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    Has anyone figured out how to listen to radio stations

    NO!... BUT WHEN STRRRRrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmming Radio reallly does become available..... I'll Be "lined Up!" JD
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    The state of "discussion" forums and online communities

    I "hear 'ya". On-Line communities are in a state of where they have always been. "The street". This forum, Everything iPhone is devoted to a "thing", a product, a device. From that, stems its "users" experiences... what ever they may be. Balancing "things" with the human experience will...