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  • Hey Europa. I made a thread in IOS software about the calendar app requiring a password. I meant to make a new post so it could be seen. Guess I am rusty. I won't duplicate it as a post. If you can help with the problem it would be greatly appreciated :)
    I noticed on one of your screen shots you have an icon in the stays bar I am not familiar with. It is a bar with a triangle on top. Look to be some sort of memory icon. Could you please tell me what that is?
    Were you always a moderator this entire time? I only noticed today that you are. If you were recently promoted, congrats!
    HI Europa , I was wondering if you might be able to answer a question . I had my iPhone at the apple store today the genius did a DFU restore came home and synced from back up and its like its all new. I found a backup file dated 5-12-11 that i want to use to back it up. How do i go about using that particular backup to restore?


    Im on iPhone 4 Macbook Mac OS X
    Hi: I just wanted to pop by and say Hi. I like your opinon on the iPhone 5 coming to Verizon and I left a message in the Verizon thread. You have valid points that make sense. I think I do also. I'm waiting to see what Apple does as far as another iPhone so soon for Verizon.

    I hope you accept my friend request. I always like your posts and opinions.

    Europa could you give me the Cydia pirate chest NON RETINA one?? Thx that's all i need
    Yeah Im still waiting for V. I notice you are like a gamer.

    You like shows with scifi/aliens/zombies... and a good deep and thoughtful plot.
    I wonder what books you keep.
    YES.... Been watching since day 1. I watch it online. Its not out over here in London.

    I have to watch this weeks episode. The last episode i saw was when he meets his wife and son... and the redneck has gone missing.
    Thank you for the links & also glad your doing well! Question how do I access the web camera? I tried the capture image application on the laptop it pop up's with a box saying image capture device isn't detected?
    Just talked about you, well your profile pic anyway, over here, so thought you should know.

    Sure. I'll stick around this time I promise. I kinda did miss reading up on the news and so on. :)
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