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    I need quick response! Buzz sound from ear piece speaker

    happened to me but found a way how to fix it, if you tie them together at the half way point, from where the cord splits to the end, and then give it a magical kiss, kiss it and think its magical, then cut on the knot so that both ear pieces fall off, your problem is fixed.
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    Just found something neat with the earphone clicker..

    as a red sox fan, nine games and YANKEES BLOWWWWW btw chris i have lost all respect for you the same way i do with others of your kind (cough cough tinman) i think we need an option do not thanks people...
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    I have a phone call in my "Recents" timestamped 12/11/2013?

    you guys didn't know that one of the iPhone apps was making a call to the future?
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    upgrade hard drive?

    it replaced mine...
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    How old are iPhone owners?

    i worked for my money...
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    How old are iPhone owners?

    i am fifteen too
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    1. 24 hours 2. #1 in line 3. 8gig for me
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    iPhone's known bugs

    no just leave. now. never again. get out. now.
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    my friend is waiting in line for five hundred bucks...
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    iPhone Training to start Sat at your local Apple Store

    when i first read this i thought you meant training for the employees and i was like wait....
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    Straight from the horse's mouth. New At&t iPhone page

    hey trippalhealicks how did you already survive iday if it didn't even happen yet?
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    Ok, I'm lining up.

    are you first in line? are there people behind you? jwww
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    why im not going to buy day 1

    did you ever wonder why the name of this site is "everythingiPhone." obv you are not going to find many posts comparing cell phones, because its EVERYTHINGiPhone...duhhh
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    What will you do?

    Not to sound negative or anything, but letss say that the iPhone is a huge dissapointment (i hope not) then what will you do? the two year contract...doesn't that mean that you are not allowed to sell it on ebay?