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    Netflix manager

    This is a great app -- I can't wait to see how it improves over time. And I still can't believe it's going to take able until February to release an SDK.
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    Is there a way to email multiple pics using the iPhone?

    Boo! Thanks though. ;-)
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    Is there a way to email multiple pics using the iPhone?

    Hey all, Just wondering if there is any way to do this -- seems kind of lame if not. But then again, my beloved iPhone has more than a few foibles. :wink:
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    Is there any way to save visual voicemails longer than 30 days?

    That was going to my question -- how/what app allows me to save these files? TIA
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    BrainTraining on iPhone (finally!)

    Cool thanks. Gee. Imagine what people can do once Apple releases the SDK? And why Feb and not Jan during the expo? =P
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    Installed, now what?

    Nice. Actually I installed BSD and now things are working well.
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    Installed, now what?

    Not for me. :angry: Nice name BTW. :tounge:
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    Installed, now what?

    Hey guys, good responses. However, I keep running into issues when trying to run many of the programs. They keep crashing -- most of the games do and so does Customize. Any thoughts?
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    Share Your "iPhone (Saved My Ass)" Stories

    Any person that has to check in is not in a healthy relationship. I have been happily married for several years, and I do not need to "check" in. It's always smart to communicate where you are going and that you will be out late, but as for having a curfew? Yeah, right. :tounge: All that having...
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    1.0.2 re-install please help me

    Maybe someone can help me out ... I keep getting the same error message EVERY TIME I try to "downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2. The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1). Could this error be attributed to the fact that my iTunes library is on a external hard...
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    Web Apps Now Available at Apple

    Agreed. Although the Lingua app looks nice. WTF is Apple smoking -- let 3rd party devs have an SDK and lets get rolling with some WebApps. It's like Steve Jobs didn't learn from not licensing the Mac OS.
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    Solitaire game?

    God all the Solitaire games that are webapps are fugly. I am hoping they will port the awesome EA version that comes on the iPod -- now that is a thing of beauty. :smile:
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    Web apps make no sense to me

    WebApps suck*. Give me real 3rd party apps Apple! :angry: * By suck I mean native apps run faster, don't require a good connection and often times, looks better. Some WebApps are quite friendly but should not be a replacement for native application development.
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    Are you still happy with your iPhone?

    I love my iPhone, but I miss some featured of my BlackBerry. That being said, I would much rather have my iPhone. The BB was great, but the iPhone is the better overall phone. And like many others here, I am hopeful, Apple will wise up and open development to third party devs. If I was to...