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    Bites SMS is now paid... is there any alternative to it

    As of version 3.0 BiteSMS requires you to pay a fee to use. Even if you are sending messages through your carrier.
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    so any free SMS apps with landscape mode?

    It's linked to your phone ID so restore/jailbreak isn't a problem according to the BiteSMS devs.
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    so any free SMS apps with landscape mode?

    I've been on their forums looking and no luck so far....
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    so any free SMS apps with landscape mode?

    Same here. I didn't review the update notes before downloading the new version.
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    so any free SMS apps with landscape mode?

    BiteSMS 3.0 was released yesterday and is no longer free. They give you a 20 day trial and if you want to continue to use it after 20 day trial is over the charge is $6 for a lifetime license. If you want to keep the free version stay with 2.7 and don't upgrade to 3.0
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    Is my battery draining too quickly?

    Status Notifier has been a major problem for me. I've installed/uninstalled three separate times and everytime it on my phone I notice a significant change in battery life. With Status Notifier I'd go from 100% to 50-60% in 2-3 hours. Try removing Status Notifier and see if your battery life...
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    Clippy: Copy and Paste

    I copied a url from the browser and stayed on the clipboard when I switched apps. However the paste option was grayed out (but I could still see the url on the clipboard). I had to highlight some text and then the copy and paste both became usable and I was able to paste the url into email...
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    Clippy: Copy and Paste

    On Cydia. Details here. It's beta but I've been playing with it for about 15 minutes and it seems to work great in notes and email. Unfortunately no SMS and limited browser support (you can basically only copy editable text). One of the admins on ispazio says he'll post a guide to copy sms and...
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    --> HEY! What do you look like?

    hahaha. It's my dog Max <-------------------
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    Problem with WinSCP

    Go to Cydia --> manage --> packages. This is a list of Cydia apps, themes etc you have installed. Scroll down and see if Open SSH.
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    Path for mail badge (notification)

    Perfect. Thanks!
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    Path for mail badge (notification)

    Can someone tell me the path where the mail badge is located? I did a search and couldn't find anything.
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    Hero Of Sparta

    I'll have to free up some space and finally get it tonight.
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    iFrogz - My Personal Favorite

    I'll try to get some pics up when I get home.
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    Prediction of 2.3 firmware.

    This man speaks the truth.