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    List of Build flaws / defects in the iPhone

    How is that trolling? He is bringing forward some perfectly acceptable points. Give him a break.... if anyone here points out the slightest negative they get flamed regardless. I believe that the iPhone has wayyy more plus points than bad ones and i cant wait to get my hands on one, but you have...
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    The best iPod we've ever created

    All other current ipods have the click wheel. The touch screen UI is LEAGUES ahead of this. The screen is a lot bigger and sharper so it plays video better than the video ipod. It has no Hard Drive, it is solid state so is thereforee more reliable: No dodgey HD crashes. The only way it looses...
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    outside of usa!!

    Yeah, but i am holding out till they employ meerkats. Personal preference tbh:tounge:
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    outside of usa!!

    Well vermin have to eat somehow.:wink:
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    Which LCD model does your iPhone have? *READ*

    3$ a gallon! oh noes i would hate for you to think that you would have to pay around $9 a gallon for it here in the uk (our gallon is slightly bigger in volume though, but not by much) Petrol in the us is cheap, just accept that fact. Albeit the cars over there drink it as if there was no...
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    iPhones Future

    I guess we will. Would you write off buying it if it was a 4" screen?
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    iPhones Future

    It would still fit in your hand ok. Besides a bigger screen is a better screen IMO:smile: Its half an inch bigger, not like its gunna be a 42" in your hand:tounge:
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    where are u puttting your stickers?

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    where are u puttting your stickers?

    I know, who would need a cup holder there? Its like those people who have tv screens on their bumpers. Why o why?:tounge:
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    iPhones Future

    I am not saying its true, i am just presenting sme news i found:smile: EDIT: Btw the current one is 3.5 inch... 4 inch wouldn't be too out of the question tbh
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    iPhones Future,0,729096.story
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    When/if Europe get the iPhone can we expect there to be some differences to what the American market currently has as regards to connectivity?
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    1 COP bought 6 w/o waiting in line....

    Twat alert. It wouldn't surprise me if you were the police officer who went in to get the frixin phones. The police were out of line for line jumping and taking more than the allowed 2 per person. The guy had every right to confront him for being unfair. The officers man handeled him and he hadnt...
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    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    Yeah, the American version doesn't have a 3G chipset in it. The 3G on the card just means the card is 3G enabled/ capable of operating with 3G. Rumor has it Europe will get a 3G version though.:smile:
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    battery charge time

    Yeah i don't think it gets the same current through USB 2.0 as it does the wall. So it figures that the wall will be the best charging method. I noticed this with my ipod.