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    Does MobileMe support NON "" email addresses?

    There was this option in a drop down list on .mac so I expect it to be so on MobileMe
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    I'm having a lot of problems with 1.1.3

    Clear the cache? I know how to clear the cache on my MBP but how do you do it on the iPhone?
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    Short battery life since 1.1.3?

    Have just returned from the Apple store. I went because I called tech support with my battery not charging via wall issue and they told me to take it in for a new battery.(3 hour round trip). At that time I had not tried charging via the computer and the support guy told me to try that. I did...
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    Short battery life since 1.1.3?

    Won't charge on wall @ all since update Mine won't even charge at ALL when I plug it into an outlet. I just discovered this after leaving it plugged in all night as usual. I am right now trying to charge through the computer. The charging icon is on but it was on when I had it connected to...
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    How to prevent Adobe auto load on sync?

    No luck disabling load of "Adobe" on connecting to iTunes I fpound theiPhone under My compute4r; followed the steps you gave; chose "take no action" hit "apply". Looks good; should work. BUT, sure enough it STILL loaded when I connected to iTunes! Any more ideas?
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    How to prevent Adobe auto load on sync?

    Do not find "iPhone" I've looked under "My computer" Programs and I have iTunes, Apple Software Update and Ipod. No sign of iPhone in Program list or under any of these in a subfolder either.
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    iTunes ringtones possible in new update?

    I thought I read in this forum that it was now possible to make ringtones from iTunes with the recent (9/27) update. I've tried a search but nothing shows up. Was I wrong? My phone is still locked and in original state.
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    How to prevent Adobe auto load on sync?

    No Mac; can do it on PC? My nbext computer will be a Mac; until then; alas I have to make do with a PC.:frown:
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    How to prevent Adobe auto load on sync?

    Is there a way to call it up selectively only when you want to download photos? It's such a pain every time to have to wait for it to load then cancel it before you can go on.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    But HOW to do this for us not-totally-competent computer folks I really appreciate the info but I need you to walk me through the process; if you will. I really want to backup my notes. Thanks
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    IMAP Mail settings to display subfolders?

    I am in the mail setting on the iPhone (chose settings form the main menu) but I cannot see the "Advanced" tab you refer to. Any ideas?
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    E-mail questions: folders, filters, rules

    No folders unless you're IMAP or on a mac I was at the Apple store with a genius and he had all these folders on his iPhone from his Gmail account. When I asked him how he got them, he said you had to set it on the Gmail site and it would then link them to your phone. Well, I sorted all mine...
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    Tips And Tricks

    Thank you for trying to explain but I do know what BCC means. I was expcetting to have an additional box up for BCC replies. So that I could blind copy my messages as I do in Outlook so that all my recipients will not see who else I've sent the email to as they can in CC (carbon copy). I gather...
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    Add Gmail labels so they show in iPhone?

    I saw the "labels" (folders) in someone else's iPhone but they won't show up in mine. How do I get them to show in the iPhone so I can sort and save my emails?
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    Tips And Tricks

    How to BCC? I installed the update but there is no change in my email wiht the BCC options. Should I see it when I try to write an email?