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    release of the playbook

    You have to have a blackberry to bluetooth bridge to the playbook which opens up another "folder" for email, calendar, BBM, tasks, and notes. There are no native options for these things.
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    release of the playbook

    I bought one, but I'm returning it. No email, calendar, or notes. Web experience is clunky and screen is too small. Is not recognized by desktop manager to sync media (music, videos, photos), but is supposedly coming this summer. Does not charge to 100% battery, serious lack of apps, touch...
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    iMac Purchased used iMac. It won't power up.

    Send it back and try and get a refund. Don't tell him you think he shipped it working, either way, it wont help you if he gives you a hard time.
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    Ordered iPad 2

    Anyone in Los Angeles? They have plenty of iPad2 in stock at the bookstore at my school. Two of my friends walked in and got one yesterday, black and white.
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    iPad 2 travelcase/notepad

    Looking for a travelcase/case with a fold open top to display a notepad to scribble notes on for quick note taking. any suggestions? tried googling to no avail.
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    White iPhone due

    BGR is reporting the WSJ heard directly from Apple that its landing at the end of April...
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    Email: mark all read?

    No. Back in the days when I wasn't jailbroken, I'd open the first unread email and "scroll" through them with the down button in the top right.
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    iPad WiFi or 3G?

    If your on the fence about it, I'd get the 3G. You can always not activate or cancel a data plan, and when you want to upgrade to the next iPad, you can sell it for the same margin of difference. New you'd pay: iPad2 16gb wifi: $499 iPad2 16gb 3G: $629 and when Apple releases their next...
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    This just makes the darn thing less usable

    It bothers me too. I can't imagine a lot of companies/website designers building their websites with iPad/iPhones browsing restrictions in mind. Everytime someone asks me why flash player isn't downloading or I see the "install flash player" message I say, "screw you steve jobs."
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    Terrible Tragedy

    I read the story this morning and imagined it out of a scary movie. No word on why it happened in any news reports. Sorry for your loss.
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    iPad 2 Smashed

    wow, amazing customer service. I wonder how they decide who they give free ones too, as I can't imagine them giving them to every customer with a broken iPad. Maybe you were wearing his favorite baseball team cap?
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    iPad 2 Smashed

    Iresq might have cheaper repair costs than Apple. Apple charged $100 for iPhone screens can't imagine what they charge for iPads.
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    Show me a pic of your iPad 2 "Outfit"

    No, both say "not compatible with iPad2". I think he is referring to iPad1. *sorry for double post
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    Show me a pic of your iPad 2 "Outfit"

    I tried installing an invisible shield to the back but failed miserably. I'm loving the smart cover and the thin profile feel so I re ordered a back invisible shield. Right now I just have the front invisible shield and a red smart cover but desperately need something to protect the back.
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    Sold iPad, does buyer need original receipt for warranty?

    As long as the money is in your paypal account and under details it says "OK to ship" I don't see a problem. If it's still pending I'd wait. If your a new seller on eBay, paypal will hold your money until you ship it with tracking.