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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year everybody.
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    iPhone FM transmitter

    How did it go?
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    Underground Hacker Targets Apple Fanboys...

    Put up or shut up. And then go to jail.
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    contacts from iPhone to outl;ook?

    Yes. It works fine.
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    Gmail IMAP

    It also means that I can now manage my iPhone inbox some place else :2cool:
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    Apple has only made one mistake with the iPhone.

    The OP has a point, but the real mistake happened later, in fact only very recently when v1.1.1 was rolled out. They should have embraced the enthusiasm and inventiveness of their customers as an asset earlier.
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    iPhone owners, anyone get the Tilt yet?

    The other day I bought a bunch of calculators for my kids, the $9.95 kind. They look just like that thing ;)
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    iPhone owners, anyone get the Tilt yet?

    Competition is a good thing, but I'd rather have them not compromise their design philosophy. You know, next year the tilt, the flip and the flap will all be forgotten..
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    iPhone owners, anyone get the Tilt yet?

    Looks like a calculator.
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    HUGE iPhone Purchase at Apple Store Last Night

    I'm just wondering why he purchased 51? Why not 52? I think he should taken home 50, but maybe that's just the little Monk in me .:2cool:
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    Apple Component AV Cable

    Everybody can say that :smile:
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    Apple Component AV Cable

    What kind of truck is that?
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    Quiting iPhone, I feel dirty

    Yes, the iPhone won't fly with serious Blackberry addicts.
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    Anyone doing the same thing as me with their credit?

    The wintel boxes are still in the majority at my house (4:3), so, I guess, I'm going to use this for something with a 24" screen... :wink:
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    2 hrs usage without touching it

    Email was set to manually, brightness had also been adjusted.