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  • Hey Karen, just wanted to say hello....haven't seen you around much in the last couple of days. I hope your Doing well!
    Thank you for your help! I appricated it! I will thank you with the thank you tool when it comes available. Thanks!
    Hey. I was wondering your opinion. Today at lunch I got about 5 minutes to eat. She called our table to go up, and my friends and I did not go up to dump. She then said we HAVE to go up. So I did, leaving my remaining bag of cheez its there. I had to then eat them many at a time because I wasn't taking it it of the lunch room. I was almost choking due to her making me and my friends dumping our food we PAID for. Thanks
    Thank you. :) I'm pretty passionate about the iPhone. lol You should have read the Religion thread under General Discussion. I posted a picture of Steve Jobs as Jesus. Needless to say Napoleon closed down that thread. - James
    Sorry for the late reply.

    I've been pretty good lately, could be better. How have ya been?
    Karen! OMG! I just found this friend request. I've missed you on the .org. Hope you're well! I am going to peruse the forums now...
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