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    Icon Request

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    Clock icon request

    Button and rounded corners
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    No more "click" UI sound even after restore.

    Just so I am clear, You have NO keyclick sound when you are typing on the Keyboard (in lets say Email)?
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    Is there away to add ringtones to my email or SMS (scroll near the bottom) Your Looking for: mail-sent.caf new-mail.caf
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    new to the modding thing. just need some quick help.

    Run Jailbreak, If you still have the folder with all the files in it from the 10 steps all you have to do is unlock the phone with jailbreak and you are good to go.
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    I did it....but can I undo it?

    This will make it MUCH easier (right click to Delete)
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    Using iTunes samples as ringtones

    download the latest version, the JUST added the file type.
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    iPhoneinterface/manzana not working... lil help!

    From what I have experienced (at least for the PC) it matters if it is a right click and drag or a left click and drag......Left doesn't seem to do anything as far as I can tell. Also drag it to the Folder and Not the list of files. That seems to help as well. Also, sometimes you just have...
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    No RINGTONE Dir?

    you've already done the 10 steps using Jailbreak, correct?
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

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    Need help making these 4 images into icons please.

    This set is Just with the rounded corners like the iPhone Icons
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    Need help making these 4 images into icons please.

    Fast versions of these for ya.
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    Sound editing software

    mp3DirectCut is the one I have been using forever. No need to reencode..
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    Time and WEATHER on screen with "slide to unlock"?

    just fire up the ipod and start another song....let the song play till the screen goes blank. When you wake it up and turn off the ipod it should be fixed.