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    Help with phone through car stereo adapter?

    Me too... I have the exact same problem. I can hear the phone ringing through the car stereo, but can't hear the person over the car's stereo. Sorry to hear this is true for you too....that pretty much means there's no solution.
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    Anti-glare crystal film screen protectors

    Pics? Can someone post a pic of their iPhone with the 2 different screen protectors? I want to get one but not sure which one now...
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    Holy crap

    crashed... crashed for me too, requiring a reset by holding both home & power buttons (not just home button for 6 seconds). Didn't find my current location. Website is slow as hell! Too bad, this app seems to have had a lot of potential.
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    I need voice memo/digital recorder function

    ReQall You may also want to try Will record & send a text message, email, etc. back.
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    Easy fixes?

    Sounds I would also like the option of choosing different sounds for system alerts (like new mail, new SMS, etc.). The ones that are there are so short & low in volume that I could never hear it in my pocket! Also want Notes syncing, voice recorder, voice dialing, to do syncing, and video...
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    Calendar times messed up

    I have all (5) of my calendars syncing to the iPhone, and all the events are on the phone, but they're all the wrong time! Can someone help me with this?!?
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    Apple couldn't include this SIMple stuff?

    Ya But... I know Apple will put out some future updates, but still, after all this time working on the iPhone, they couldn't include a simple voice recorder? And they've had voice recognition in Mac OS for years now. If they want to make customers happy, why not include the basic things...
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    Apple couldn't include this SIMple stuff?

    I am very hyped for the iPhone, but with over 2 years of working on it, couldn't Apple have at least included a voice-recorder, some kind of voice recognition, & video for the camera. Geeze, these are things that much cheaper phones have. Also, the notes app. is very important to me. Why...
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    Honest questions answered.

    2 things I notice... I notice that the "person" typing is doing so with 2 hands (or fingers) at the same time. Also, under the widgets video it says: "iPhone even has widgets: small applications that give you helpful information like stock reports, weather reports, and more in real...
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    Honest questions answered.

    Voice notes? I am very curious as to whether or not you can record notes. Often I just don't have the time to type them in. Can the iPhone do voice recordings?