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    The Alleged 5.5" iPhone Could Be A Seriously Large Phone

    I have an iPad still but moved over to a Galaxy Note 3 in part as I'm in the camp of having wanted a larger screen. I need glasses for up close and couldn't even take a passing glance at an iPhone screen without glasses. With my Note, I can do some glances without pulling out my reading glasses...
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    Apple Has Been Sued Because iPhones Often Don't Deliver Text Messages To Android Users

    I agree that Apple needs to fix this. People do change phones for various reasons, and I've also read that some people go back and forth between the two as in use both platforms. In my case, I literally just switched to Android after having an iPhone since they came out in 2007. I don't need to...
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    "Software Update Unavailable"

    It's 10 pm and after a few hours on and off, I finally was able to get it all fixed. turns out iOS 7.0 was already in which I'd guessed as the "Hello" screen stuff looked different. just needed to restore from backup and I do keep it backed up to iTunes and then to iCloud as well. Everything...
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    "Software Update Unavailable"

    hey there debbiep! have fun with it! glad to hear someone with it working. of course at this time, I sit here in bricksville! not going to start my iPad 3 just yet then! oh well! enjoy and I'll be joining the ranks as soon as I can!
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    "Software Update Unavailable"

    well-I screwed myself over for the time being as had to set my phone back to default after it told it couldn't be updated yet sat there all hung up when I went in through iTunes after I couldn't get it to work OTA. now my phone is basically a temporary paperweight because of course the iTunes...
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    Which New iPhone Are You Buying?

    I'm holding out for the time being. I got my 4S in Feb 2012 and became eligible for my AT&T upgrade this past May. Figured of course with the new release month cycle looking like September or so, knew it would be worth skipping the 5. I still however am not upgrading yet because I just don't...
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    Using iOS Garage Band for ringtone

    Sorry---duplicate post! Mods please delete! thanks! I know how to make one using the iOS Garage Band app that I bought for iPhone (and iPad too for that matter). My sole issue: I just CANNOT get to the section of the song that I want! it just keeps repeating the beginning of the song. It has...
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    Friend's Siri got deleted

    Not back yet, and wasn't a toggle switch issue. Nothing there-she tried. I'll ask her again for an update.
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    Friend's Siri got deleted

    Hi all: I have a friend who hasn't done any software updates on her 4S previously. She put in iOS 6, and Siri is gone. She doesn't have anything backed up at all. How can Siri be put back? I told her I figure she needs a hard reset which will then wipe out all her pictures and contacts. If she...
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    Great to know! I will definitely consider this. I'm going to hold off for now, but I am quite glad that I have the option. I may decide I want to do this maybe end of year, but who knows. I may opt to skip the 5 or be at the store in a week, lol. But right this second, I'm waiting.
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    Congrats on being able to get the iPhone 5 and keep unlimited! Question though: Does your husband's plan already included a data plan? See, this line of mine does not have one-it's one of two people who just want texting and phone, and no data-they have as basic phones as you can get nowadays...
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    That's pretty cool. I did not think they allowed such a thing! Now, here are two fundamental concerns of mine though, and wondering what you or anyone think if there are workarounds: 1. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan since 2007 and there is absolutely no way I am willing to have that...
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    Passbook cannot connect to iTunes

    Mine connected right in to iTunes from Passbook without me having to do a thing. I then just signed in from there and it allowed me to download without a problem.
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    Have you updated to iOS 6, what are your first impressions

    I put iOS 6in yesterday OTA on both my 4S and iPad2. (I was leery of OTA with the last update battery life issue, but figured it had to be fine). It is, I'm in the 90s. I had to run a work errand mid-day and mostly knew where the office was I needed, but not 100%, so I thought I'd try Maps. It...
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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    I do have another line that is upgradeable, and it gives the full discount subsidy price. (my main # I use is not). I looked just for the heck of it. It would be of no use anyway. It's not like you can switch SIM cards and that whole sort of thing with iPhones, and also data plans are required...