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    The Box

    and whether or not employees will "ask" you to buy unnecessary accessories to go with that brand new iPhone because they get commission on every sale -(:cough:AT&T:cough:)
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    Apple store employee says release time will be 6:00 pm on 7/11

    The 6PM release is just for publicity. I remember last year, it was the LIVE "Breaking News" for most of the News Stations. 6PM is standard as PrimeTime Local News Time.
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    Will 3G result in a more expensive data plan?

    "Thanks for using the iPhone. To upgrade to 3G, please deposit more money for AT&T or else, NO 3G iPhone. Thanks for letting us take all your money. I mean Thanks for using AT&T."
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    Mobile Me Discount*

    Correct. Just to clarify even if you create a MobileMe account 4 months after the release, say, if you tell everyone that your email is, the emails will still land to you, Apple will just be forwarding them all to Yes, you can actually always...
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    Mobile Me Discount*

    "free super saver" takes a month.
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    Mobile Me Discount*

    \BEcause Amazon is slow. Just start the 60 Day Trial with and you should get the package by then, that is what I am doing.
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    Mobile Me Discount*

    Just saved $30 bucks, and had Free Super Shipping thingy, arrives end of June, about the time MobileMe will be ready?
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    Contest Update

    any update, since the keynote is over? Does the price of the gift card drop to $199 or $299 for 16g?
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    FOX News reports new iPhone release tomorrow!

    I can confirm
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    Anyone selling their iPhones for the V2 release?

    I haven't decided what I am going to do. It really all depends if Apple releases more than just 3g and Gps like something no one saw coming. I think the device is perfect already, I don't know how much more they can improve it.
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    Got an extra $20G

    Might be a good I idea to use the 10% coupon code at the top of the page, it will save you $2000 "Save 10% on all orders! Use COUPON CODE "MM10" on the last page of checkout." LOL
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    Myspace Mobile ?

    go to "" worked for me. Loads a bit faster than, I believe.
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    Grand Central Invites

    I believe I have some invites if anyone needs some. Just Pm me
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    What's your iPhones Edge Speed.

    Edge Pass1 - 209kbps Pass2 - 216kbps Pass3 - 213kbps
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    Cold weather and touch screen

    Easy Solution.... Move to Florida............ :laugh2: