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    Touchscreen Unresponsive

    Have a friend that has an issue with his screen (not a 3G). Top two rows of icons unresponsive. Try to power off and can't use the slider. Just the top of the screen is unresponsive. Geez
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    $150 and I'll pay shipping for the 8GB black one

    $150 and I'll pay shipping for the 8GB black one
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    Data plan for 3G $10 more than original iPhone but where's the 3G!

    It would be interesting to know/find out if every 3G iPhone owner in the Glendale/LA area has the same poor 3G reception as you do. Guess no way of knowing. Would seem odd if other 3G owners get good or "as advertised" reception.
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    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    No activity here for 10 days. I went out to their website (almost 10 days ago) and requested 2 golf courses. Nothing yet. And no new news on their site.
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    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    All you need to do is get an app to us iPhone users before we make a purchase of SkyCaddie, Golf Logik, etc :smile:
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    Who's Finally Connected?!

    I connected about 6:30pm (EST) with no problems. Took about 30-45 minutes and have already downloaded a couple of free apps from the store and paid for one. No problems at all ..... everything ok for me.
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    iTunes is DOWN! :-(

    Appears to be fine now ..... I just accessed it but am hesitant to upgrade my firmware. Geez.
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    Bluetooth handsfree headset for the iPhone

    Has anyone tried or know anyone who has used the Blueant Supertooth 3 speaker phone (advertised at the top of these pages)
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    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    I'd be very interested in a SkyCaddie app for the iPhone. (I'm sweaty in Florida also)
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    How many of you moved from Palm Treo to iPhone ?

    Count me as a former Treo user. Had a Sprint 700p. Never had a problem for about a year and 2 months. Fell in love with the iPhone. Got one August 10. Would never go back. Still trying to sell the Treo ...... and it's difficult.
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    1.1.3 not charging or sync issue

    Have a quick question ... not sure if I've seen this anywhere. Have a friend that wants to upgrade his iPhone firmware to 1.1.3. He activated his phone on his wife's PC laptop ... and she's out of town til the weekend with the laptop. Can I update his iPhone on my Mac laptop? Thanks!
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    New Update Coming Soon...

    Just out of curiosity ...... what exactly is the perfect cell phone? What would we expect in the perfect phone ... that has all the features available on 90% of the other phones ..... + the features of the iPhone. Are we asking too much?
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    Steve, All I Wanted Was?

    THAT gets my vote. BINGO!
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    Watch full lengh Video in Safari, NOT YOUTUBE

    ummmmmm ... no ......:tounge: got it!
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    Many dropped calls after 1.1.3 update

    Since I upgraded to 1.1.3 I've had probably 10 dropped calls. Bought the phone August 10 and didn't have 10 dropped calls before last Tuesday. Did a restore last night per the suggestion of OJsakila ...... 3 dropped calls this morning, and all 3 people (different) I talked to were on land...